For the first time in the history of broadcasting, a medium is developing that allows anyone to become a global broadcaster. This medium is the internet. It is now possible to send real-time video over the WorldWideWeb. The internet provides the means for distribution and a computer provides the means for transmission.

In many ways what we are seeing right now is the early days of television all over again. The possibilities are amazing and we are here to help. We too are enthusiasts and firmly believe the time has come to open up broadcasting to the rest of us.

For that reason this web site will be part-television station and part-information resource. On the one hand it will provide a high profile platform for young filmmakers and journalists to showcase their talents, and on the other, a free & easy-to-use resource of home study materials to learn everything about broadcasting. For our viewers we will offer, quite simply, the most entertaining and cutting-edge television seen anywhere in the world.

We intend to move steadily but quickly to reach this goal. We want to offer an alternative. Without an alternative we will ultimately end up with a facsimile of what we already have - existing television re-worked and re-jiged a bit for the internet. If we start now as a community we have a priceless opportunity to re-define and shape the future of the entire visual medium itself. Ambitious perhaps? - but that's our plans all the same.

Our homepage is still under development and we expect a full launch in the first-half of 1999. For now we invite you to check out what we do have on our website and to get in touch with us if you think you'd like to become involved. Please bookmark our front page and check back periodically. We'll be adding more information over the coming months.

Thanks for your time,
The WorldTV collective.