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  • The Legacy You Leave

    Rick Beneteau's "The Legacy You Leave" in support of www.TenMillionClicksForPeace.org. Video produced by Paul "Wildcat" Sutherland: www.lifeartcreator.com
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  • What A Mentor Can Do

    This is just one example.
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  • As Long As...

    You will find that there is a dedication at ABC4All to care for those in the world who need it the most.
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    Burton Danet, Ph.D. addresses in this video created for ABC4All by a dedicated volunteer, whether the State of the World is such that A Better Community For All (ABC4All) might be considered the "Final Frontier." The answer is a resounding, "No!" The implementation of The Legacy of ABC4All offers the world a path for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for anyone alive who is receptive. This path goes "From the Dark to Hope" and is shared at the ABC4All Portal4Relief on the Internet.
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  • Cote d'Ivoire in United States of America

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  • LifeFilta.com ECO Water Purifier Demo Nairobi-Kenya oct. 2011

    LifeFilta demonstrates a Safe Water Purifier in Nairobi - Kenya after the concert of the 10th anniversary United Nations Celebration, sponsored by LifeFilta & performed by Rick DellaRatta Founder of the Jazz For Peace Foundation . The Straw as well as the Bottle are RE-USABLE & have equal caracteristics ... * nanofiltration @ 2 nano! * every 2000L special maintenance * est. Life Span of 10 years! Please recommend or share this video with everyone interested in portable, mobile & domestic products for c
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