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The House where Facebook started in Silicon Valley

Having recently watched 'The Social Network' I was intrigued by the residential house that Mark Zuckerberg and his early employees rented in Palo Alto - where in the movie they ran a zip line across the pool.

The actual 'Facebook House' is located at 819 La Jennifer Way and according to the book 'The Facebook Effect', the zip line was run from the chimney on the house to a Telephone Pole on the other side of the pool. From an aerial photo you can clearly see the house, the pool and looking closer, the telephone pole. It all adds up.

Aerial Photo

819 La Jennifer Way

Some other tidbits of info...

  • The house is 2,026 square feet
  • Lot size is 6,765 square feet
  • It has 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • It's worth around $1.4 million
  • It was really used for both living in and working in
  • The guys threw regular parties there advertised to Stanford students via Facebook
  • One exec described the scene... "It's Lord of the Flies up there"
Mark Zuckerberg used to wave a fencing sword around in the house and it sounds like they generally had a fun time. For more background info, check out this investigation into what was true and what wasn't in the movie...

Sources: Google Maps, Zillow and ChasingTheFrog

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