The Visitors was to be ABBA's last studio album. Here are some reviews from when it came out: Billboard: "The inevitable culmination of introspection, experience and fantasy into a marriage of music and words that is Abba's first true masterpiece -- song after song... Abba and pop music at its endearing best." Trouser Press: "Its high points must be the sort of thing you hear in heaven..." New Musical Express: "The Visitors" provokes...thoughts after you drift away with those exquisite harmonies..." Los Angeles Times: "Biggest departure to date from the bubbly, sprightly pop sound which first brought [them] fame in the mid-70s...While rich, sophisticated music isn't as instantly accessible as Abba's past hits, in the end it's just as rewarding....Abba's thoughtful treatment of mature themes here shows impressive growth..." Creem: "Abba feel. Abba are socially concerned. In fact, Abba take things so seriously and react to life and love with such overwhelming intensity that Ingmar Bergman would do well to
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