worldtv_logo_1000px_maxinvWorldTV is an entirely new concept in the world of web video. Many years in the making, it realizes a long term vision to empower anyone, anywhere to become their own media mogul.

WorldTV represents the next generation in online video. With millions of video clips now online, the Library is finally in place to empower anyone to mix their tastes into a powerful web TV concept. In the near future those channels will appear on TV.

Not everyone is a video creator, but with WorldTV you can be a video curator. With WorldTV, you can curate your own full-screen web TV channel in seconds. You can then embed your channel in other websites, share updates to your channel via Twitter and Facebook, and brand and promote your channel to a global audience of millions.

For professional video publishers we offer a range of innovative tools – a swiss army knife for online video. Organize your clips no matter where they are hosted; rapidly build playlists out of YouTube clips, Vimeo clips, FLV/MP4/H.264 files or any combination; view independent statistics on your viewers; create media RSS feeds; integrate live video streams from Qik and Ustream; host an ‘out of the box’ video website on your own domain name, and much more

WorldTV offers different tools for different people but they can all be summed up in two simple words…

  • CREATE your own full screen web TV channel out of individual video clips at an attractive URL. Tools for organizing and compiling video content allow you to take control of your favourite videos, aggregate them, and share them in different ways.
  • WATCH full screen TV channels created by people from all over the World, and from all different backgrounds. More than 300,000 channels have been created by people from 200 countries making WorldTV simply the ‘Largest TV Network in the World’. Ever wonder what people like to watch in other countries? Now you can find out.

If you were looking for something more corporate, you won’t find it here, but you can read up more on our team, more on our plans, and what we’ve done in the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read our stuff.