Posts made in November, 2007

Subscribe to WorldTV site news by e-mail

Posted by on Nov 21, 2007 in General News | 3 comments

Not everyone uses RSS, so today we have implemented a system whereby you can subscribe to all the latest WorldTV site news via e-mail. This system is provided by Feedburner.

Subscribe to WorldTV site news via e-mail 

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Update: Cosmetic upgrades and improved player

Posted by on Nov 21, 2007 in Change Log, General News, Technical | 0 comments

Some updates to the site today… Navigation buttons have been added to the Editor so that Help and other pages on the site are just a click away. We’ve also improved the Player so that problematic videos (those suffering from a delay for example) are skipped more reliably and more quickly.

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Tip: Mixing it up with different sources

Posted by on Nov 20, 2007 in Tips for use | 4 comments

WorldTV lets you bookmark and playlist video from a range of supported sites. These go far beyond the well known sites supported by our search feature.

We suggest exploring the ‘Add clip by url’ tab (in the Editor) to see the sites that you can paste in url’s from. These include the excellent, and several other fabulous video sites.

Some of these sites feature much higher quality video than is normal, and you can take advantage of this since WorldTV is high definition capable. You will also find some real gems of content on these sites as they all have passionate user communities that go way beyond the mainstream.

Mixing it up with different sources has another benefit too. While we are in beta, it’s possible for our connection to one or more of these sites to go down temporarily. If you have all your eggs in one basket as it were, it could mean your channel is unwatchable should our connection to a particular site go down. By having video from a few different sources, this problem is averted.

So the tip for today is mix it up with different video sites, there’s a whole world of video out there, and you may find some real gems you wouldn’t otherwise find!

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Site outage – all systems operational again

Posted by on Nov 19, 2007 in General News, Technical | 0 comments

We suffered an outage to the WorldTV site over the past few hours, but all is working again now. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

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Tip: Hitting refresh often solves problems in the Editor

Posted by on Nov 17, 2007 in Tips for use | 0 comments

The technology that WorldTV is built on is cutting edge. It’s what allows for example the animated video windows that appear zoom-like when you double-click on something, and the way you can move around windows in the screen and drag and drop items just like on your computer. We wanted it to be easy to use so that it is accessible to anyone.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and the program misbehaves. A spinning clockface appears indefinitely, or there’s a window you can’t seem to close. These are all problems we are aware of which will be fixed in good time, but for the meantime a simple solution is to ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ the page in your browser. You will rarely lose any work as the system automatically saves your stuff every 30 seconds.

So the tip is simply… refresh your browser if weird things start happening!

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