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Major Update – Statistics Feature and more!

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The all new Statistics TabIt’s big, it’s bad, it’s beautiful, and it’s called our new Statistics Tab. And it’s live now in your Editor!

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, you’ll be instantly at home here… the new Statistics Tab is a series of graphs, pie charts and data that show exactly how many people are viewing your channel, where they are coming from in the World and what percentage are new users compared to old.

For the past month we’ve been quietly gathering the needed statistics so that starting immediately today you can see viewing figures going back the last 30 days. We think it’s an exciting new insight into how people are engaging with your channel…. and it’s pretty cool too!

Elsewhere you will see further enhancements on the site. We’ve improved the layout of the Settings tab and added a powerful new feature called ‘Random Playlist’. This simple feature means viewers can see random videos from your playlist each time they visit – very useful for music channels and the like.

Hope you like the improvements and as always you can give your feedback in the comments section below, or by e-mail to

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Join The Revolution!

Posted by on Jan 28, 2008 in Featured Channels | 5 comments

Congratulations to channel Join The Revolution which has sky rocketed to the top of the WorldTV rankings. Join the Revolution is exactly the kind of channel we want to encourage and feature on WorldTV.

We spoke with Aaron, the channel’s creator who was pleasantly surprised by the channel’s success.

“In my experience, many people are almost completely apathetic to any issue which isn’t downloaded into them via the nightly news. My motivation for creating the channel was to both organise all of my own thoughts together and reach a new audience of people with the mind-blowing information I had uncovered.”

With more than 12,000 viewers in just 3 days, JoinTheRevolution is the biggest hit on WorldTV to date. We wanted to know more about Aaron and his motivations behind the channel who was modest about his efforts…

“The channel is about the message, not the messenger. My intention is to provoke a change in how people think about the world around them, and to consider that the version of reality projected by the mainstream media is just one version of this world, not necessarily the truth.”

“I believe that the issues raised by the channel are among the most important and pressing issues of our time. This in not a popular position, since the media is constantly beating us over the head about the twin dangers of global warming and terrorism.”

JointheRevolutionTV is still in a state of infancy. It will continue to grow as the WorldTV foundation grows underneath it.”

If you have a channel that you would like us to know more about, and potentially be featured on this page, drop us a line at

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The best channels on WorldTV – now better!

Posted by on Jan 24, 2008 in Change Log, Technical | 2 comments

Our popular World Page allows you to see Top 40 channel listings for over 100 countries, and we’ve now made the top 40 even better. We’ve improved the way the ‘best’ channels are calculated, and the new charts are now much fairer and higher quality.

We’ve also added an Editor’s Pick icon for channels that we think are cool.

Watching channels from around the World can be addictive!

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Blogosphere Update

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After holiday hibernation WorldTV Blogosphere is back with some overdue ´WorldTV Press´ posts for your perusal.

World TV is extremely grateful to the websites and e-journalists that have supported us with their reviews, constructive coverage and feedback so far. We heartily thank you!
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WorldTV launch party photos

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WorldTV Launch party picsOk, so they’re a little late, but our New Year’s resolution is to upload quicker.

Thanks to Ducie for all the cool pics and to everyone who helped make the night such a wonderful success!

WorldTV Launch Party Photos

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