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WorldTV Empowerâ„¢ goes live!

Posted by on Dec 8, 2008 in Change Log | 4 comments

WorldTV’s new advertising platform that empowers users to monetize their online video channels went live today shortly before 5pm GMT.

Users can now add their own Google Adsense details to their channel to immediately begin earning a 50% share of the ad revenue on their channel. Users can upgrade their channel to receive a 95% share of the ad revenue if they wish, or eliminate advertising entirely.

A couple of other new ‘Pro’ features were also launched alongside the ad platform including the ability to debrand a channel (remove all WorldTV branding) and remove the 100 clip limit within the Library and Playlist.

Full details of the ad platform are in our previous post.

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WorldTV to launch new advertising platform – earn money from online video

Posted by on Dec 5, 2008 in Change Log | 15 comments

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One of the core principles of WorldTV is to offer channel creators a full suite of tools for building and operating an Internet TV channel. WorldTV is intended as a platform where you can literally build and run your own broadcast TV network.

A full set of tools would naturally include the ability to run advertising on a channel and potentially earn money from your channel. Internet TV is growing, and when it becomes common to watch Internet video on a TV set, the WorldTV channel creators of today could well become the media moguls of tomorrow. That’s our goal, and we look forward to helping make this come true for everyone.

We’ve thought long and hard about the best way to implement an advertising solution on WorldTV. A system that empowers people who want to monetize their channels, recognizes that some people don’t like advertising, and a system that ensures we can invest in the future.

Summary of new advertising functionality

Beginning December 8th 2008 all channels on WorldTV will have a new advertising unit on the left hand side of the channel. We’ve been running trials on certain channels for several weeks. You can see the advertising unit in action here.

  • If you do nothing, your channel will have the new advertising on it starting December 8th
  • If you have a Google Adsense account, you can earn 50% of the ad revenue on your channel simply by entering your Google Adsense details within the Editor
  • You can remove the advertising entirely (classic WorldTV mode) by paying $5 per month
  • You can receive 95% of the ad revenue on your channel by paying $20 per month
  • If you are a non-commercial entity with a worthwhile project and feel strongly about the issue of advertising,  you can request removal of the ad unit, for free, by way of e-mail letter, and we will consider your request.

Other details

  • Ads will not appear when a viewer goes into full screen mode
  • Ads will not appear on the embeddable player
  • If you currently use an iframe technique to embed your channel, you may want to switch to the embeddable player technique as the iframe technique will include the new ads

How it works in practice

A new tab will appear in your Editor on or around December 8th called ‘Advertising’. Here you can enter your Google Adsense PublisherID (available on the top right hand corner of your Adsense account page) and immediately start earning 50% of the revenue from your channel. We achieve the revenue split by showing ads with your Google Adsense code alternatively with our own. In other words, viewer 1 to your channel will see our Adsense code, viewer 2 will see yours, and so on. If you choose the upgrade to 95% revenue split we will show your channel with your Google Adsense code for 19 out of every 20 impressions.

How much money will I make?

It’s completely free to try your own Google Adsense code so just give it a go! The most successful channels will tend to be the ones that get the most viewers, so finding ways to promote and market your channel through blogs, social networks and from other sites will be key. Compelling content that is regularly updated, and finding ways to promote the updates you make (something we plan to help with through new forthcoming ‘notification’ features) will also help.

Are any channels restricted from showing advertising?

Google AdSense program policies are specific about the kind of content that ads are allowed to be shown next to. We have implemented a system that will automatically disable channels from showing ads that are deemed to be against Google Adsense program policies. If you feel your channel has been disabled inappropriately, you can contact us and we will review your channel manually.

I’ve created a new channel on WorldTV and there is no advertising option

When you first create a channel on WorldTV, there will be no advertising for the first 48 hours. After 48 hours the option will become available. This gives us time to review the content with our system.

How do I make a ProBono request to remove advertising from my channel?

Write to us at telling us your channel URL and why it is important for you not to have advertising on your channel. We will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis and notify you within 3-10 days if your request has been successful. Personal, charitable and other worthwhile non-commercial projects will all be considered and are warmly welcomed at WorldTV.

If you have any questions about our new advertising plans please write to us at

You can also read our Press Release on this announcement

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