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WorldTV’s Online TV guide to Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Posted by on Jan 20, 2009 in General News | 2 comments

barack obamaToday is a truly historical day as Barack Obama becomes the first African American to take the Oval Office, becoming America’s 44th President. Millions of people will be watching from around the globe and we here at WorldTV just wanted to give you a bit of a low-down as to where you can watch the proceedings online.

Catch it here with our mobile phone broadcasting partners @ or at the internet’s most extensive coverage with C-SPAN, or flip between a number of international perspectives on the inauguration, including the BBC World News, Al Jazeera English, euronews, C-SPAN and France 24 @ Livestation (download required), or watch with with MSNBC, Ustream, Joost, CBS, CNN, Terra in Spanish or The New York Times.

For a factual look at Barack, check out’s History of Obama and for a few laughs with the new President see’s Obama TV

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Advertising on WorldTV / Google Adsense

Posted by on Jan 10, 2009 in General News | 7 comments

The launch of our new advertising platform in December was a great success. More than 400 of our users have now inputted their own Google Adsense code into their channels, allowing them to earn money from their channels, wherever they are in the world. Reaction from our users has been universally positive.

Our goal has always been to create an innovative platform that empowers anyone to easily become a video publisher and earn money from their creations if they wish – hence the name for the system WorldTV Empowerâ„¢.

Regrettably, a number of channels on WorldTV which carry advertising have been deemed by Google to not be in compliance with Google Adsense Policies – these are policies which specify the kind of content that may not have advertising carried against it. Examples of content that is not allowed include alcohol, excessive profanity, copyrighted content, gambling and adult themed content.

With over 100,000 channels on WorldTV it is not possible for us to monitor every channel by hand. For this reason we have spent considerable time and resources developing an automated system that actively scans and disables advertising on channels which may be in violation of Google Adsense Policies. This system attempts to replicate Google’s own automated system for flagging inappropriate content, and has been in place since the ad platform launched on Dec 8th.

The system is backed up by a manual system which allows us to disable advertising on channels that we become aware of, or which we are notified about, as having inappropriate content for Google Adsense, and which can further train the automated system to make it better.

Despite these efforts, we were notified yesterday by Google that there are channels on WorldTV showing advertising which are not in compliance with their guidelines – specifically channels with copyrighted content. As a result, Google has disabled ad serving to WorldTV and we have disabled the ad platform on our end.

We are attempting to work through these issues with Google and hope we can find a satisfactory resolution. We remain committed to providing progressive and innovative options for all our users and welcome your comments, thoughts and input.

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