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Upload your own background image to the WorldTV Editor

Posted by on Feb 4, 2009 in Change Log | 7 comments

WorldTV Background ImageSometimes it is the little things in life… that make things better.

Starting today you can now upload your own custom background image for the WorldTV Editor. Your viewers won’t see it but you will – each time you edit your videos.

It’s really easy to do. Go to Channel Settings -> Editor and you’ll see a new section for uploading a background image. Our system will resize the image to fill the entire background of the Editor automatically. To get the best result choose a large ‘wallpaper’ sized image. Sizes of say 1024×768 should yield good results.

Where can you find good images? Google Images and PicSearch are both helpful. Since the public won’t see the image and it’s for personal use only, it should be fine to use any image. Here’s a search we did on Google Images to find appropriately sized nature images. You can customize this query to find other images too.

If you are considering using WorldTV for more professional applications, this new feature is a great way to brand our video content management system to your own use. Just be sure to use an image you have appropriate rights for. A good stock photo image library which offers reasonable prices is iStockphoto but another idea may be to use a client logo or a work sample.

We now offer several Professional features such as debranding the WorldTV player, increasing the number of clips in the Library and more. We expect to bring many exciting new PRO features in future. Visit our PRO Store for the latest options and prices.

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