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WorldTV Competition Winners Announced!

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gymnasiumIt took us a little longer than anticipated but we’re thrilled to finally reveal the 3 lucky winners of our WorldTV ‘Become a TV Mogul Contest’.

We had entries from literally all over the world and it’s been great fun going through everyone’s channels. There was a real variety of content and it was tough to pick just three winners.

Here goes…

The Winners


VentureCupTV is a channel about Entrepreneurship from Denmark. The stories focus on entrepreneurs in Denmark and wider afield in Europe. We especially liked the broadcast quality production values, slick editing, and the use of professional style idents and a channel introduction. The stories themselves are fascinating to watch.


The story behind FilmomentumTV is as remarkable as the channel itself. It’s founder (Paris David Escandón Saavedra) originally from Mexico City, survived a 3 week coma, chronic kidney disease, and was declared brain dead by Physicians. When he woke up three weeks later, he found he had lost the majority of his eyesight. This didn’t stop him pursuing his love of video, animation and editing – and FilmomentumTV is the impressive result.

Filmomentum is in fact a collective. It’s members met through a video editing blog that Paris set up after marrying and moving to Canada. To facilitate his contribution to the collective Paris receives massive support from his wife, who he refers to as “my right hand and my eyes”. With other members from Canada (Chantal Deguire), Argentina (Jorger Tazzoli), Spain (Santiago Escribano) and Peru (Victor Osorio), the group has bonded through a common love of the visual arts, editing tools and filmmaking. The various shorts you will see on the channel cover video art, social commentary, documentaries and fiction.

“Filmomentum TV is a case in point of how the Internet can be the means to bring people together who have never met and live in different parts of the world. It can be used to build their common dreams into tangible projects, to share and actualize their ideas and passions. The tool which has really made this next step possible for us has been WorldTV.” says Paris.

Filmomentum stood out for us as an inspiring example of high quality, original video production, and a fantastic example of what can be achieved with the WorldTV platform.


BlackpoolTV is an Internet TV channel about the iconic seaside town of Blackpool in Northern England. BlackpoolTV was set up by local resident Dan Braid to cover local events and happenings in an accessible and interesting way. On a recent shoot, they even managed to snag an interview with former Snooker World Champion Stephen Hendry. You can see the interview on the channel.

We really enjoyed the concept, the channel’s professional approach to production and the stories themselves. A brilliant example of how WorldTV can be used to create local TV. Great stuff.

Runners Up

Judging a competition is difficult because inevitably the majority of participants will be left disappointed. Here’s two channels that came very close indeed… We wish them every success and hope lots of people will visit them to see what they have to offer.

jenractionJenraction TV

We especially liked Jenraction TV from Martinique. Similar in some ways to BlackpoolTV, the channel covers local events, music and happenings on the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique. It has professional style idents and introductions and the channel does a great job of including many local people – some of whom are great characters.


MaxProsperTV is a fascinating music video channel from Nigeria featuring all Nigerian artists. Many of the videos are original videos from the artists themselves, and if you love music, you will definitely want to check out MaxProsperTV.

Thank You… and a bonus!

Our huge thanks to everyone who participated and as a thank you to everyone who took the trouble to participate, we have given every channel that entered a free ‘Clips Upgrade‘ worth $10. If you already have this feature then we’ve enabled ‘Custom Meta Tags’ in your Editor – a new and forthcoming feature. Thank you all very much and we wish everyone continued success with their channels!

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