For the benefit of partners, journalists, investors and friends, we outline our roadmap for the next 6-12 months.

Last updated: Dec 3rd 2010

March 2011 -  v1.0 release

We plan to officially come out of beta at the end of Feb 2011, four years after we began development. There will be improvements throughout our product offering including:

  • improved graphic design
  • a fully integrated ‘Apple-like’ micro-payments system for subscriptions and in-application purchases
  • improved live video functionality – broadcast from multiple live video sources
  • improved e-mail systems, full integration with our customer database
  • save and load YouTube playlists
  • enhanced integrations for Facebook and Twitter
  • enhanced ‘viewer’ pages
  • all translations fully updated across the site
  • customizable EPG feature
  • genres and descriptions
  • create a channel instantly on any subject
  • user homepages (create your own YouTube)
  • general architecture improvements
  • a stunning integration with Boxee – the web’s first truly open TV platform.

Fall 2011 – v1.5

  • scheduling feature (schedule a channel by days, weeks or months, just like TV)
  • additional set top box integrations (eg Yahoo! ConnectedTV, GoogleTV)
  • user folders within the Library
  • enterprise and edge server options
  • libraries of professional content for licensing directly within the application
  • additional user homepage and embeddable player designs
  • other new features

All features are subject to change and are TBC until further notice