What can you do with WorldTV?

Welcome to WorldTV. We’re on a mission to provide genuinely useful and innovative online video tools, in a friendly, community environment. Here’s some of the things you can do here for free…

  • Collect all you favourite web videos in one place (YouTube, Blip, etc)
  • Search for online videos from multiple sites in one place
  • Create video playlists (channels) out of online videos
  • Watch video channels created by other people from all over the world
  • Link together videos in a full-screen channel at your own custom URL
  • Mix and match online videos with webcam footage, mobile phone footage, other video files
  • Create a video channel for your website or blog
  • Create random or scheduled playlists
  • Record video directly from your webcam
  • Download online videos as FLV files
  • Attract viewers to your video by listing in our public directory (300,000 users per month)
  • See detailed viewing statistics for your online video (like Google Analytics)
  • Stream live mobile phone footage to your channel from anywhere in the world
  • Add titles to online video, introduce online videos with your webcam
  • Create a custom online video player with custom logo (many variations coming)
  • Create an RSS feed out of your video playlist
  • Create a music video jukebox
  • And much more…

This is just a sample of some of the things you can do with WorldTV now. We’ve got lots more planned.

We suggest getting started here and signing up for our blog-by-email service to learn of new features as they are released.

Thanks for stopping by!