Performance upgrade, bug fix and a small new feature

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This weekend we migrated to a fast new database server replacing a server we’d been using for some time.

It was a tricky manoeuvre which took several weeks to plan and prepare. 14 Million files and several large databases were duplicated and had to be kept synched, and there was a lot of software which was upgraded to newer versions.

The migration went smoothly and in less time than we’d planned! Around 2 hours of downtime instead of 3.

In tests we can already ‘feel the difference’, and you should do the next time you log into your Editor, watch a channel in TV mode, or create a channel in the system.

Alongside this ‘maintenance’ upgrade, we fixed a bug where the Web Mode tab would not always load properly in the Editor – without a refresh, and we sneaked in a small new feature that some users, especially those with larger libraries, will appreciate.

Search Library by Genre and Keyword Feature

You can now search your library using the genre and keywords metadata fields. This means you can organize clips for rapid finding, simply through the use of metadata. You could organize clips into categories, or any way you like.

How to use

Right-click a clip in the Library, choose ‘View/Edit Metadata’ to see and enter information into the clip metadata fields. Some clips (eg YouTube clips) come pre-populated with metadata, but you can change this to whatever you like. If you want to test it out, put some unusual text into the Keywords or Genre field for a clip, and close the metadata window. Now use the search box at the bottom of the Library to enter that unusual word. The relevant clip will immediately appear.

This is a powerful feature and even if you don’t organize clips into keywords or genres, you can immediately make use of it through the improved performance when searching your YouTube based clip library.


Previously our Library Search box searched only the Title field. Now it searches the Title, Keywords and Genre fields. You access the Metadata pop-up by right-clicking a clip in the Library.

We are now working on the much anticipated Scheduling Mode, and should have a release within a couple of months. Thank you for your patience!

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Amazing new Feed Tabs are here!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Change Log | 6 comments

Our new feature – Custom Feed Tabs – are a flexible way to get videos flowing into your WorldTV Editor from other places – which you can then organize, copy to your library, and publish or distribute in different ways.

With this feature, you can add tabs to your Editor for things like YouTube searches, YouTube playlists, YouTube API queries, other WorldTV channels, and Media RSS feeds!

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Create amazing video websites with the all new Web Mode

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in Change Log | 13 comments

We first launched Web Mode last year, and it has proven to be one of our most popular features.

The improvements we are introducing today take us a huge step forward in terms of the video publishing capabilities we now offer.

Video publishing has never been this easy, and the combination of our award winning, video library and content management system, along with a powerful, easy-to-use video site publishing system, is a joy to use.

And the best part… every single new feature is 100% free!

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WorldTV 1.0 Update is Here!

Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Change Log | 13 comments

Our update to v1.0 began on May 1st and is now complete! Due to the huge size of the update we have been updating different parts of the site every few days.

Today we finished the update with the biggest new feature of all – our brand new WorldTV PRO Store, which is now live within the Editor. With the new store you can add over 30 new features to your channel.

The Editor also has a new look and feel – our exciting and very slick v1.0 theme. If you’d prefer to keep the old look and feel you can do so under Channel Settings -> Editor.

We hope you enjoy the all new WorldTV. It’s taken us over 4 years to get to this point and we’re looking forward to all your comments and feedback. The latest info and discussion about the updates is happening over on Facebook. Come by and join in!

UPDATE: Techcrunch just published this article about the release.

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WorldTV comes out of Beta next week

Posted by on Apr 23, 2011 in Change Log | 11 comments

It’s taken us 4 years and almost half-a-million lines of computer code, but we’re now very close to the major milestone of our v1.0 release. If all goes to plan, a new WorldTV will be released to the world in just over a week’s time.

In this text we delve under the hood of WorldTV’s plans for this release, give you a sneak peak into the exciting new features coming your way, and answer the question on everyone’s lips… Just what the heck does ‘beta’ mean anyway?

So what’s in store for v1.0 – the “Toronto” release?

A La Carte Features

Perhaps the most striking new feature will be a revolutionary new way of offering a web application. We’ve always had an issue with how software often comes with loads of features you don’t actually use (think Microsoft Word). So why can’t you hide or disable the features you don’t want?

It’s this idea that has driven us to develop arguably the most flexible, innovative and customizable web application ever made. Starting with a basic set of features, an additional 30 features will be available ‘a la carte’. You’ll be able to selectively enable features as your needs require. Don’t want a feature? Get rid of it. Bronze, Silver and Gold packages are soooo last decade.

Free Model

Since the very beginning WorldTV has been provided as a free service. This made sense as we were still developing the product. This will not change after our v1.0 release. WorldTV will continue to provide a free basic version of the service, although with less features than we currently offer. Existing channels will get to keep all the features they currently have.

What does this mean for me?

If you already have channels on WorldTV, nothing will change. You will have all the features you currently have, and the option to get new features if you wish. Some of the new features are free, and are described in detail below…

New User Homepages (‘Web Mode’)

Stunning new user homepages will be introduced for all users with this release! This has been our most requested feature and every channel will have its own professionally designed set of web pages showing all the videos on your channel. This is in addition to the current ‘TV Mode’ page.

Every video in your playlist will have its own web page (similar to YouTube or Vimeo), meaning you can easily share individual videos on Facebook, Twitter or by email, and have your users come to a page that looks professional.

User homepages will include ratings, a list of the most popular videos in your channel, and more. For a modest fee you’ll be able to add your own Google Adsense advertising on your pages, Google Analytics, and even host them on your own domain name.

With WorldTV and the new Web Mode feature, you will be able to create an entire video website, monetize it, monitor it, and manage the content super easily through the WorldTV Editor.

Live Video

Our new Live Tab will make it a cinch to add live video feeds to your WorldTV channel from Ustream, Qik and additional live sources in the coming weeks. You can switch between multiple live sources on the fly, and switch back and forth between ‘live mode’ and ‘playlist mode’ whenever you want. For those who tested our beta version of this feature, you’ll be pleased to see the love we’ve given it with this release. A freshly redesigned interface and more robust operation means anyone can mix and match live video with playlist videos – just like a real TV channel!

New Look and Feel

To reflect our more ‘grown up’ approach, we’ll be introducing a more professional look and feel throughout the site. Our much loved current design has been with us since the very beginning, and while it will be genuinely sad to see it go, we think the new design will attract more professional users, which ultimately means more resources to plough into more features for everybody.

Twitter Improvements

We’re overhauling our Twitter tab to make it work much better. Combined with the new Web Mode pages, WorldTV will make a superb social video sharing platform that can be monetized easily through Google Adsense.

Search the Library

You asked for it – we’re giving it to you! A new instant search box within the video library will make searching through your videos a breeze. Super fast and accurate, you’ll be able to rapidly drill down to any video with instant results… Faster than Google. (seriously!)

Icon-only Navigation Bar (PRO feature)

By popular request, we’re finally offering the ability to have an icon based navigation panel on WorldTV channels. This will replace the existing navigation panel in TV Mode for those who prefer this style.

Widgets for webpages (PRO feature)

Do you have your own website? Our new Widgets tab will offer a brand new wizard for creating fully customizable horizontal and vertical video widgets showing your most popular videos, playlist videos or random videos. Perfect for promoting your channel on your own site, and elsewhere on the web.

Customize the EPG (PRO feature)

With this feature you’ll be able to choose which channels appear in the right hand side of your channel’s EPG in TV Mode. In this way you can create your very own TV network – either by using multiple channels, or by linking to other WorldTV channels your viewers might like. This is another feature widely requested by users.

These are just some of the new features coming your way. There’ll be other refinements and improvements throughout the service and possibly a few surprises too.

A v1.0 release is a milestone for any software application and it means that the developers feel the software is finally ready for serious use. While WorldTV will probably never be finished in our eyes… come next week, we think we’ll be at a point where we can finally say we’re providing our users a ‘high quality, comprehensive and genuinely useful’ product.

Our planned release date for v1.0 is May 1st. Unexpected issues may delay this slightly. Follow our Twitter account for the latest info.

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New Embeddable Player Design – “Minimal”

Posted by on Dec 15, 2010 in Change Log | 5 comments

minimal-playerToday we’re releasing a brand new player design for all of you fine people who love to embed videos from your WorldTV collection on other websites.

Our new ‘Minimal’ player is stylish, contemporary and perfect for embedding your entire WorldTV channel, or individual clips from your library. The choice is up to you.

The new player comes with several customization options and is available right now in your Editor under the ‘Promote’ tab. We think it’s our best player yet!

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