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Toby’s Choice – Week 7

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After a small dose of sunshine my batteries are recharged and Toby’s Choice is back with a basket of goodies for your continued viewing pleasure. This weeks selection includes popular music channels from our users around the world, for your eyes and ears only.

1. The Beatles TV – worldtv.com/the_beatles_tv

Not much can be added about the Fab Four that hasn’t already been said many times over, so i’m not going to harp on about how genius they are, except to say I still feel sorry for the original drummer Pete Best and what were they thinking in that photo..

2. Pink Floyd – worldtv.com/pink_floyd

A tip of the hat to Richard Wright, keyboardist and one of the founding members of Pink Floyd who passed way this week. Wright met fellow Floyders Roger Waters and Nick Mason at college and joined their early band, Sigma 6. Along with the late Syd Barrett, the four formed Pink Floyd in 1965 and to this day Pink Floyd remain one of the best known bands in the world.

3. Super 80′s – worldtv.com/super_80′s

The 80′s is the new 70′s depending on your date of birth and I imagine the 90′s will be the new 80′s quite soon, the rule of thumb seems to be that a 2 decade gap makes something cool again… Anyway before i digress further, this is another 80′s Music channel packed full of classics from the decade of Big Hair and warpaint like makeup..


Alaska Report – worldtv.com/alaskareport

I stumbled upon this channel last week and was ever so gently drawn into watching the various clips of folksy, Irish influenced music. Not normally my cup of tea but the musicianship and feel good factor won me over.

Kiss Television – worldtv.com/kiss_television

Rock Ballads for me are an acoustic version of wading through a field of treacle but there are some guilty pleasures here and personally speaking its one of those “so bad its good” scenarios! I’m sure we’ve all clenched a fist and sung a lyric or two to a few of the videos in this channel, lets just keep it between ourselves though shall we..

More to come next week as always you can contact me at tobyschoice@worldtv.com with your suggestions, go on, i dare you..

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Toby’s Choice – Week 6

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Charity they say begins at home but with the advent of the world wide web we can easily raise awareness to help others less fortunate than ourselves in all corners of the world.  Here are some worthy WorldTV charity channels with video clips related to each cause, in no particular order..

Greenpeace – worldtv.com/greenpeace

Founded in 1971 “Greenpeace is a global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by..” click here to visit website The rainbow clad Greenpeace boats were made famous by the sinking of the original Rainbow Warrior by the French Intelligence Service in the 1980′s.

WWF – worldtv.com/wwf

WWF is described as “A history of a global environmental conservation organization” and with its magnetically enticing logo “in almost 5 decades WWF (formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund) has become one of the largest and most respected independent conservation organizations.” Click here to visit WWF website

Amnesty International – worldtv.com/amnesty_international

“Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world – so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.” Click here to visit Amnesty website

Unicef – worldtv.com/unicef

For the kids “UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.” Click here to read the Unicef Mission Statement in full and visit the site

Red Cross – worldtv.com/red_cross

“The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network. The Movement is neutral and impartial, and provides protection and assistance to people affected by disasters and conflicts.” Click here to visit the Red Cross website

Toby’s Choice will be back in two weeks time as Toby is taking a well earned rest in the Balearic sunshine..

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Toby’s Choice – Week 5

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This week Toby’s Choice collects channels from Argentina, Canada, Britain, Chile and America covering a host of topics such as Music, Sport, Documentaries and plain old Revolutionaries!

1. Juan Manuel Fangio – worldtv.com/juan_manuel_fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio was the best driver ever to come out of Argentina and was the dominant force in the yearly ears of Formula One.  Watch this channel for some classic rubber burning footage from those glorious racing days where technological superiority was second to raw driving talent.

2. Isaac Hayes – worldtv.com/isaac_hayes

Isaac Hayes RIP best known for his “Theme to Shaft” has left this building for funk Nirvana and will be missed for his crazy suits, deep undertones and song writing, especially for lyrics like “he’s a complicated man, no-one understands him but his woman,,,” Genius!

3. Ch̬ Guevara Рworldtv.com/che_guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara has been a global icon for 50 years with the image to the left being one of the most used and recognized images of our generation.  A fascinating man for his dedication and harsh execution of his beliefs and a staple t-shirt for any discerning student.  (Him and Bob Marley..)


worldtv.com/Turntablism starts with a documentary on the artistry of Turntablism = A DJ, 2 x Decks and a Mixer, a subject close to my heart. Some great music, history and incredible deck wrecking scratch skills from the best of the best.

worldtv.com/documentarytv A cracking channel from Canada which, in the interests of research of course, had me watching for perhaps longer than i should on a working day!  Documentaries about our Planet and Philosophy.

worldtv.com/ilove80s_tv This channel was created in Chile and is pop tastical 80′s music at it very best or worst depending on your musical leaning..  After a flick through I found a couple of tracks i love: Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days and Gary Numan – Cars.

I do hope you found something that tickled your fancy.  You can contact me at tobyschoice@worldtv.com with your suggestions.


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Toby’s “Olympic” Choice – Week 4

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As we are nicely sandwiched between two Olympic weeks i have decided it would be fitting to embrace the sporting theme and dedicate this weeks Toby’s Choice to the oldest and most prestigious Sporting Event in history, The Olympic Games.

Although perhaps not the stronghold of all things good in Sport it once was due to the increased use of performance enhancing drugs, the questionable location choice with China’s Human Rights record and the daft addition of certain “Olympic” events, The Olympics is still the be all and end all in World Sport and i’m still holding torch for it.

1. Beijing Yes or No – worldtv.com/beijingyesorno

Should this Olympics be in China?  A lot of controversy surrounds this Olympics with Chinas debatable record on Human Rights issues, you decide!

2. Classic Olympics – worldtv.com/classicolympics

A selection of the greatest sporting moments from the modern Olympics, relive those super human achievements where boundaries are broken and world records tumble.

3. Olympic History – worldtv.com/olympichistory

A documentary based channel that looks deep into the Greek origins of The Olympic Games,


Olympic Laughs – worldtv.com/olympiclaughs

A different perspective on the Games for your viewing pleasure.

That’s your Olympic lot!  Remember to contact me at tobyschoice@worldtv.com with your suggestions and questions.

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WorldTV hits 50,000 channels

Posted by on Aug 15, 2008 in Featured Channels, General News | 4 comments

WorldTV smashed through the 50,000 channel mark last week and the growth shows no sign of slowing down. The interest among people to create their own TV channels from right around the globe is simply phenomenal. Thank you to all those who are contributing to the WorldTV community.

We now have channels from 182 countries, which by our calculation means there is only about 11 countries where there isn’t a channel from. Incredible!

WorldTV first launched in November as a means to allow anyone, anywhere in the World to create their own TV channel, and to offer the capabilities that were once only available to broadcasters. With the service available in 7 languages, people all around the globe are coming up with their own ideas of what a TV channel should look like. More than 400,000 viewers are tuning in to the World Page each month.

The range of channels is simply phenomenal – we’ve enjoyed watching a huge array of genres and styles from across the planet – see below for a small selection of our faves…

Social & Political

Embedded Channels
http://www.servicepark.org (Rally channel from Norway)
http://www.goldtraveltv.com (Travel channel from Portugal)
http://www.dgea.es (Video games channel from Spain)

With some super spiffy new features planned for future, including better channel finding tools, new player options, embeddable player options and create-your-own-tv-network functionality, the WorldTV team are beavering like bees to achieve our goal of creating a truly alternative global TV network, accessible to all, and living and loving on the Internet.

If you’ve ever fancied the idea of becoming your own media mogul, or simply want a way to gather all your favourite videos in one place WorldTV is where you can make this happen.

Thank you again to everyone who’s contributing and to all those helping shape the future of WorldTV by contributing ideas through our feedback pages.

WorldTV rock on!

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Toby’s Choice Week 3

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This week Toby’s Choice focuses on channels for children (and their nostalgic parents).  We discovered some time ago that the WorldTV service can be a very useful tool for time starved parents needing quick access to pre-selected bespoke content for their offspring.  Well what better way to monitor your child’s viewing (whilst perhaps secretly enjoying your own past faves) than to create the channel yourself!

1. Bugs Bunny – worldtv.com/bugsbunny

Bugs Bunny has been a cartoon legend now for 68 years! and you simply cannot beat a bit of Bugs!  As you’d expect this channel contains classic BB footage featuring all his favorite enemies, wise cracks and a few carrot dangling rarities thrown in for good measure!

2. Ivor the Engine -  worldtv.com/ivor_the_engine

Ivor the Engine was an absolute classic children’s series from times gone by.  Driven by Edwin Jones through the rolling welsh countryside Ivor charmed a generation and the “che chi puff” of his steam engine is a familiar sound to any British adult over 30.  Innocent and brilliant!

3. Pingu – worldtv.com/pingu

Pingu is a modern classic that has the wondrous ability to hypnotize children into a lovely quiet state.  Once the high pitched squeaking begins kids are transfixed and oblivious to a relaxing parent and i swear if you concentrate hard enough you can understand the language of Pingu, children obviously do!!

Extra Extra!

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle – worldtv.com/tarzanlordofthejungle

I used to LOVE this when i was a slip of a lad and can’t believe i found a channel to rekindle my dreams of swooping through the jungle trees shouting unintelligible nonsense.

worldtv.com/kidsluckydip / worldtv.com/70kidstv

Two more “old school” channels with a mega mix of kids UK screened programs from the 70s & 80s including Wacky Races, Hong Kong Fuey, The Flumps, The Magic Roundabout, Captain Pug Wash, to name but few!

Now then, although English is my mother tongue i don’t want to appear too Anglo centric on Toby’s Choice so here are some more user channels from non-English speaking parts of WorldTV

Italy worldtv.com/cartoon

Brazil worldtv.com/cartoon_network_brasil

Mexico worldtv.com/cartoonvision

I’d love to hear about any other children’s channels on WorldTV, you can contact me at tobyschoice@worldtv.com

To end in the words of the great Bugs Bunny “That’s all Folks!”

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