launches “Become a TV Mogul” competition

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Have you ever wanted to have your own channel on TV? Ever wanted to become your own media mogul?

Well now’s your chance…

WorldTV offers the world’s leading platform for individuals and groups to create their own TV channel on the web. Now WorldTV is offering 3 lucky winners the opportunity to get their channel onto TV – for real.

Using WorldTV’s insanely easy-to-use video platform, anyone can create a TV channel out of a collection of video clips. WorldTV turns those clips into a full screen linear TV channel. This includes a channel logo, EPG, and a full suite of tools for managing the channel content.

If you’ve ever had the idea for a TV station, and think you have the talents to run one, now’s your chance to prove it! All that is needed is some creativity, an idea, and some great and unique content.

The Prize

We are offering three 1st prizes. Each prize includes the following:

  • Your channel will be professionally converted into a Boxee app – the hottest connected TV platform on the planet. With a Boxee app, your channel will be viewable on the stunning new Boxee Box (and millions of installed Boxee desktop clients worldwide). You’ll have full ownership of the app and channel, and will be able to develop it, promote it and change the content as you wish.
  • Your very own Boxee Box… to see your channel on TV!
  • A VIP package consisting of all available PRO features for 3 years
  • Your channel, if selected, will be used in a VIP presentation to leading executives from the TV industry as an example of ‘people-powered TV’. These executives directly control the channels which appear on the EPG in over 150 million homes, and have stated a strong desire to find alternatives sources of modern and progressive content for their channels.
  • Prominent profiling on WorldTV as a featured channel and in WorldTV’s various directories

To enter the competition please follow the rules below. Entry deadline is Dec 31st 2010 at midnight GMT.

Entry Rules

  1. Create a WorldTV channel (or adapt an existing one) that meets the following criteria:-
    • At least 10 clips in the playlist
    • At least 80% of the clips are in HD. That means 720p resolution or higher.
    • You own the copyright in the videos yourself or have (or can realistically get) permission to use them. You can also use videos that are in the public domain (generally very old videos) or videos that fall under ‘fair use’ from a copyright perspective. Please research public domain and fair use before relying on these provisions. This video is a great primer on copyright. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot use YouTube clips or other clips you find on the web unless you own the copyright in them yourself or can obtain permission to use them.
    • Is suitable for presenting in a business-like setting.
    • Can be in any language but it is recommended that at least 50% of the clips have English sub-titles.
  2. You should be capable of communicating in English. The competition will be run in English.
  3. All entries must be made on this form. Any other submissions (eg by email) will be rejected.
  4. No correspondence will be entered into. The Editor’s decision is final.
  5. You must provide a working email address.
  6. You must be aged 16 or over, or have someone 16 or over helping you.
  7. Multiple entries by an individual are allowed. Multiple entries of the same channel are not allowed.
  8. This competition is run by WorldTV and is not affiliated with Boxee or any other Company.
  9. We reserve the right to extend or re-open the competition if there are insufficient entries.
  10. Winners will be announced on this blog within 4 weeks of the final close of the competition.
  11. WorldTV will not obtain any copyright in the entries you make but will have the right to publicize the winner and winning entry and demonstrate the channel to TV executives as indicated under ‘Prizes’.
  12. Clips can be hosted on any site that WorldTV supports (eg YouTube, Vimeo), but you must own, have permission to use, or can realistically obtain permission to use each and every clip. Winners will be required to provide the source video files for each clip following the competition.


  • There are no specific themes we are looking for but the channel should demonstrate a ‘professional TV channel concept’. The name, logo and selection of clips should all reflect your concept.
  • Think about what you can uniquely offer that someone else can’t. It might be a hobby, profession or interest, or it might be locale based such as a TV channel for a specific town or area. Ideally it would be something that doesn’t already exist on TV, or where you have a completely new spin on an existing idea.
  • The more professional your channel looks, the better. Be sure to have a great logo, and if you can make up channel idents, and present or introduce your clips, through voiceovers, on-screen graphics or video introductions, this would reflect well alongside the content you have in your channel.
  • Teachers are welcomed and encouraged to enter their students into the competition.
  • If your content includes clips from what look like major TV or film productions, and are clearly beyond ‘fair use’, be sure to tell us your connection to this content in your entry. We may reject entries out of hand if we think it unlikely an entrant has, or can realistically obtain, rights to use such content.
  • Come and talk to us on Facebook if you have any questions. We will be actively answering questions there throughout the competition.
  • Good luck!

Enter the Competition here

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WorldTV is on Facebook, recent issues

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WTV-is-on-FacebookWorldTV now has a regularly maintained Facebook page where we are answering questions from our users, providing basic support, and entertaining lively discussions with our channel owners. Our Facebook users (fans) are posting links to their channels, uploading their channel logos and channel ident videos, and telling other Facebook users about their channels and what they are trying to achieve with WorldTV. Why not come join in the fun? It’s just getting started.

The Facebook page was particularly useful recently when we experienced a serious outtage this week that affected significant operations of the Editor, including the ability to add new videos. Due to a simultaneous problem that affected our incoming email, we were unaware of this problem, as people were unable to email our support. Were it not for our Facebook page – where several users had reported the problem, the outtage may have lasted longer than it did. In future we encourage using Facebook to notify us of any bugs and talk to us in general.

We greatly regret the issues that happened this week and sincerely apologize to any users it affected. Improved support is a key area for progress as we gear up for coming out of Beta later this year, and the Facebook page is a significant step forward.

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Editor Synchronisation, SXSW, Plans for 2010

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worldtv-2010It’s a new year, a new decade, and we’re really excited about what lies in store for WorldTV. It’s going to be a great year, and you’re going to love what we have planned!

First off, a couple of news items to share with you…

Editor Synchronisation

Some of you may have heard of Google WAVE, a new technology that lets people collaborate on the same document at the same time. In a similar way we have re-written the underlying technology used by our Editor to communicate with the WorldTV servers. Now when you make updates to the Editor it will automatically push those updates to any other Editors accessing the same channel. To put it another way, you can have two people accessing the same Editor, from different places in the world, at the same time. Updates by one will reflect on the other’s screen within seconds. It’s kind of geeky, but cool. Try it out!


South by Southwest is a massive conference and festival that takes place each year in Austin, Texas for the music, film and digital industries. We’re excited to announce that WorldTV has been selected as one of 39 companies to attend the event as part of a UK Govt trade mission. The event runs from March 12-16.

Our Plans for 2010

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been asking you to tell us what features you would like to see on WorldTV, and to vote on other people’s ideas. We’ve decided to extend this until the end of January, so you still have time to cast your votes.

The features that are currently getting the most votes, and/or which are now on our shortlist are…

  • Live broadcasting
  • Homepage for channels
  • Scheduling system / WorldTV time / Multiple playlists (build schedules of programs like real TV)
  • Search for channels (on the World page)
  • New and improved player designs
  • Improved channel recommendation system (on the EPG)
  • Weekly e-mails / awards system
  • Channel genres / categorization (music, culture, sport etc)

Our shortlist is actually quite long (over 100 ideas for features) but these are the main ones. If you’ve not done so already head over to our feedback forum to place your votes!

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Live Video coverage from Burning Man

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burning-man-liveHere at WorldTV we like to celebrate alternative forms of expression and collaboration and we welcome anyone to express themselves in a radically creative forum, wherever they come from in the World.

From time to time we like to bring you coverage of projects or events that share similar philosophies as our own, or which otherwise you might not be aware of. All this week we have been using our ad-hoc live channel on WorldTV to bring live streaming coverage of Burning Man – the legendary event in the Nevada desert that celebrates radical self-expression and creativity.

If you don’t know what Burning Man is, it’s hard to describe. Think of a cross between a ‘makers’, art and music festival where commercialism is banned, Star Wars and Mad Max, and you will get close.

The live video coverage comes from a 360 degree camera mounted high above the event with audio coming from the on-site 24 hour radio station BMIR. Watching the sun rise California time over the desert, and all the attendees ferrying around on bicycles is a true sight to behold.

Watch live video coverage of Burning Man

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WorldTV Set Top Box Project is born

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WorldTV Set Top Box PrototypeHave you ever wished it was easy to watch online video on your TV? Surf the likes of YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and WorldTV from the comfort of your living room chair?

We’ve thought a lot about this idea and decided to build a prototype device that would make this really simple. Trademark WorldTV user-friendliness applied to a consumer electronics device, if you will.

Luckily our Founder knows a thing or two about this kind of thing and is heading up a project to build our first prototype. You can follow along and build your own set top box with the guide that he’s developing.

Read more about it on the WorldTV Projects Page

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Global Marijuana March and Toronto Freedom Festival- Encore presentation

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Toronto Freedom Festival

The smoke has finally cleared from this year’s awesome edition of The Global Marijuana March and The Toronto Freedom Festival. The festival featured many great performances by the assembled showcase of musical talent along with many thought provoking speeches given by the attending speakers. To see the footage captured by our team of videographers you can still go to the The Toronto Freedom Festival Channel here on WorldTV or if you prefer you can catch an encore audio presentation from our friends at DOPEfm on 93.3 CFMU McMaster Campus Radio.
DOPEfmCoverage of the festival will be rebroadcasted on DOPEfm on Saturday May 30th 2009 beginning at 1:30am Eastern Standard Time (Approximated) & repeating 4:30am EST (Approximated). The 90 minute production includes the following speakers from the day: Eric ‘Buzzzworthy’ Wood, Jonathan Dickinson, Dana Larsen, Marc Emery, Patrick Whyte, Sara Chekroun, Christopher Lawson, Alison Myrden & Vijay Sarma; plus the ‘themed’ music playlist of some DOPEfm favourites including: Kay & Cleary with The Chosen Few Band – What It Takes To Live, Madvillain – America’s Most Blunted, Nish Raawks – Canada’s Most Blunted, Singapore Kane – Do What I Wanna Do, Fly Guys – Fly Guys Rap.

To catch the encore audio presentation go to CFMU McMaster online or catch the live MP3 stream here. DOPEfm is also available by podcast from iTunes and directly here or here

Many thanks to all those involved and the over 30,000 people who attended the Toronto event for making the day such a smokin’ success!

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