Update on Statistics Tab – Pro Feature

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Technical | 0 comments

We’re currently experiencing some issues with our statistics tab. This is affecting users who purchased this feature.

We are looking into the cause and will try to have a fix for this asap. Thank you for your patience!

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WorldTV responds to increased demand

Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in General News, Technical | 3 comments

Over the past month, and particularly since our popular Web Mode release a week ago, we have seen substantially higher strain on our servers. This has resulted in a poorer than normal service for our users.

We have already made a series of improvements, and in this post we delve deeper into the behind-the-scenes world of WorldTV’s technical architecture, and how we intend to improve things even further.

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Supported Sites Adds & Update / Adicao e Atualizacao de Sítios Suportados

Posted by on Aug 21, 2008 in General News, Technical | 1 comment

We are pleased to report that issues concerning adding videos from Metacafe and Daily Motion have been resolved.

Somos contentes de informar que as questões acerca da utilizacao dos videos do Metacafe e  do Dailymotion foram resolvidas.

Daily Motion


We are equally pleased to announce three new additions to our supported sites.  Vimeo is showing hockey stick growth and popularity and has been an early adopters “video must”.  Brazil is now a huge region of WorldTV users so we have dutifully added Dada and Leechvideo to our list of supported sites to hopefully offer a wider variety of content for our Brazilian/Portuguese channel creators and viewers.

Somos igualmente contentes de anunciar três novas adições aos nossos sítios suportados. O Vimeo está mostrando um crescimento de popularidade muito forte e foi um dos primeiros sites a utilisar “vídeo must”. O Brasil é agora uma região com uma forte concentracão de usuários da WorldTV portanto acrescentamos respeitosamente os sítios Dada e Leechvideo à nossa lista de sítios suportatos para oferecer confiantemente uma mais larga variedade de conteúdo aos nossos criadores de canais e espectadores Brasileiros/




So why not visit your WorldTV Channel Editor and Add some URLs from these fabulous supported sites!

Então, por que não visitar o seu Editor de Canal WorldTV e acrescentar algums URLs desses fabulosos sítios!

Looking for more video content on the web?  Then WorldTV highly recommends OVGuide a super search site for all kinds of Online Video.

Voces estao procurando mais conteúdo no internete?  Então o WorldTV cordialmente recomenda a OVGuide um otimo sítio de busca de todas as espécies de Vídeos Online.

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Metacafe Issues

Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 in Technical | 1 comment

Unfortunately you may have been experiencing some problems adding (or viewing clips) from the very wonderful Metacafe – one of WorldTVs favorite video content sites.

We are doing our very best to resolve this issue ASAP and will keep you posted with any new developments.  Meanwhile please be advised that adding Metacafe URL’s to your channel may not be possible and videos added may also be temporarily unavailable to view.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

WorldTV Technical

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Webcam feature upgraded

Posted by on Apr 25, 2008 in Change Log, Technical | 7 comments

Our record-by-webcam feature has been the one aspect of the site that we’ve been the least happy with for some time. We’re happy to announce that today it has been upgraded significantly.

There’s still a few things we want to do to improve it further but we wanted to bring you the main improvements right away. Notably the issues that many people were having with audio should now be fixed, we’ve simplified the interface to make it easier to use, and we’ve added visual feedback for volume so you know the audio is working.

Please give the webcam feature a try and let us know any issues or thoughts you have in the comments section below. Some more technical details follow…

Technical – We have removed the resolution options as they were confusing for many people. We have set the resolution and quality to fixed values which should work well for most people in most situations. We plan to improve on this by adding a feature that will auto-test your upload bandwidth upon initialization of the webcam and set the quality and resolution accordingly. This will mean that everyone gets the best possible quality for their connection speed. Naturally people’s internet connections vary a great deal in terms of speed, particularly when it comes to upload speed. This is the relevant aspect for recording video into our site. There is a known issue which remains relating to very short clips. In this situation you may experience the WorldTV buffering logo appearing, although this doesn’t affect the recorded clip.

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WorldTV implements global DNS

Posted by on Apr 6, 2008 in Technical | 0 comments

Ok so this is a bit of a geeky post so feel free to skip if this isn’t your bag…

Tonight we moved all our DNS hosting over to a company called UltraDNS who handle hosting for MySpace, Amazon, Oracle, Digg and other major websites. Basically it means that accessing the website should be just a little bit zippier for our friends in far flung places, and make it generally more reliable. It’s also more secure, meaning our site is less vulnerable to so called DNS attacks.

UltraDNS operate servers all over the world, and although electricity travels at the speed of light, the milliseconds it takes to travel from one side of the world to the other (and back) can add up. By having servers located closer to our friends and users, we can reduce that.

Our new partnership with UltraDNS is all part of our never ending desire to increase the reliability and performance of our service. We’re proud to be in such prestigious company as the excellent sites above.

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