Amazing new Feed Tabs are here!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Change Log | 6 comments

Our new feature – Custom Feed Tabs – are a flexible way to get videos flowing into your WorldTV Editor from other places – which you can then organize, copy to your library, and publish or distribute in different ways.

With this feature, you can add tabs to your Editor for things like YouTube searches, YouTube playlists, YouTube API queries, other WorldTV channels, and Media RSS feeds!

Here’s some examples…

  • A YouTube search for “shakira music videos”
  • Tabs for other channels you own on WorldTV
  • TED talk videos using the TED site Media RSS feed
  • A YouTube API query for ‘trending comedy videos in the last week in Germany’

You can add a tab for any YouTube API query you can think of, specific YouTube users or playlists, and YouTube searches. You can add a tab for any public WorldTV channel or any channel that you own. Media RSS feeds will be of particular interest to websites and developers – you can make your content flow into WorldTV automatically.

We’re already working on adding a Facebook feed option, so you can retrieve all YouTube videos from a Facebook user’s newsfeed for example.

We can’t wait to see what people create with this new functionality. The all new and very cool Feed Tabs are available now in the WorldTV PRO Store (you’ll find it in your Editor). You can have as many feed tabs as you like.

TIP: Don’t forget you can shift-select multiple videos in the Editor. This means you can drag and drop all videos from a particular feed into your Library or Playlist at once!


  1. good but how to add

  2. IT is good TV, many different videos, many different subjects, and good particular feeling. so I hope Worldtv become the best.

  3. I would to know, if there is any chance to know how many people are watching my channel. the number of viewers…. Will be nice to know if Im going in the right direction… Thank you for your amazing job…

  4. It’s amazing watching the World TV. It’s also inspiring. The problem we have here is that the network is faulty. The show is not always continuous. It breaks in-between.

  5. Jose, the simplest way is to add our Statistics Tab feature from the PRO store ($10) which gives useful targeted information such as average length of viewing, number of daily viewers, which countries etc. Another option is to integrate Google Analytics which will provide slightly different (albeit more in-depth) data ($15 in the PRO store). Also, when you purchase any feature on WorldTV you will receive very basic statistics in a weekly email which we send to all paying customers.

  6. Martins, it is natural for there to be a break between clips but this should only last a second or so (unless you have a very slow connection). Separately, there’s a couple of possible reasons for this… If a channel is built from YouTube videos and the videos are removed from YouTube (or disabled for embedding), that can cause a problem if there are lots of them that have been removed from YouTube (although our system is designed to be resilient to this). Another possibility is using an incompatible video format if you are hosting the videos yourself. Either way we’d be happy to look into this for you if you contact support.

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