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Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in Change Log | 13 comments

We first launched Web Mode last year, and it has proven to be one of our most popular features.

The improvements we are introducing today take us a huge step forward in terms of the video publishing capabilities we now offer.

Video publishing has never been this easy, and the combination of our award winning, video library and content management system, along with a powerful, easy-to-use video site publishing system, is a joy to use.

And the best part… every single new feature is 100% free!

List of New Features

  • Fully customizable background image
  • Customizable navigation menu
  • Change the order of any item in the Sidebar or Content Section, and remove items
  • New ‘Video Description’ box
  • Customizable Video Slider box – Populate with videos by playlist order, recently added, most popular videos, or keyword match (this matches against keywords in clip meta tags)
  • Customizable Video List box – Populate with videos using playlist order, recently added, most popular videos or keyword match. A new ‘More’ button at the bottom extends the page to show more videos. Customize the text labels for the box and the ‘More’ button. Descriptions for each video are now shown in the list.
  • Home page video player can now display ’1st in Playlist’ or ‘Featured Video’
  • New ‘Featured Video’ feature allows any video to be designated as a Featured Video
  • Turn autoplay on/off for the video player
  • Show or hide items within Video Ratings (Facebook Share, Twitter share, star rating)
  • Customizable text label for Video Ratings
  • A new, improved ‘speech bubble’ graphic style for the Welcome text in the Sidebar
  • Add up to 5 different Video List boxes or Video Slider boxes per page. Each box can have its own settings.
  • Have an entirely different layout for the individual Video Pages and the Home Page
  • Facebook Comments for the Video Pages! Each video gets its own Facebook comments.
  • Users can post comments about each video back to Facebook
  • The administrator can moderate Facebook Comments (requires a Facebook fan page to be set up for your channel)
  • Support for multi-language and accented characters
  • The new Web Mode control panel is now a main tab in the Editor

Existing Web Mode Features

  • Permalink video pages for every video in your channel
  • Facebook fans box in sidebar (can be set to your own Fan page)
  • Monetize your site with Google Adsense (paid feature)
  • Host Web Mode pages on your own domain name (paid feature)
  • Remove WorldTV branding (paid feature)

We can’t wait to see what our creative group of users comes up with using this. There’s a wealth of options to play around with… and the possibilities are endless!

We look forward to hearing your comments. The all new WorldTV Web Mode is live and in your Editor today!

(Don’t have a WorldTV channel yet… what are you waiting for?)


  1. I would like World TV to make a feature that we can trim vdo clips, this is because some vdo on the youtube site has long dark blank for several seconds and really frustrated for visitors. It will be good if you have the tool that we can trim, cut those dark blank out , it will be very cool. Will you realease this ?
    Thank you,
    Niah Xiong

  2. Niah, thanks for your comment. Trim video is a feature we have on our roadmap. We’ll bump it up for you. :)

  3. Hello team!

    I would like to have more information from a rep, how I can personalize my accounts in order to look more professional. I am in USA o email at



  4. Still playing around and learning the new future. One of the things I notice is that in order it to look(for any channel)really professional and have the future in full is to “debrand the channel”(well every body get ready with your $50 bucks for your look “really profesional”.

    I have to congratulate WORLDTV because always improving the “hole system” and futures of the channels.However I can’t wait when “any specific channel or some channels get the oportunity to be place in “any box” to be seen on the regular TV.

    Something that confusses me is that(if really wan’t to give professional look)one need to expend money and time!(I know nothing is really free in these world)m,but we don’t really making a penny of it.! I know we can monetize the channel but what guarantee one has that it really make a few bucks however it will turn into another monthly payment from us.(Well,another bill..)

    Any way these are my personal hesitation,however I encurage everyone “please keep going because the project really looks amazing”. “Otherwise congratulations “WORLDTV”,”please keep up the good work”.
    Thanks: “Gustavo Valdez”

  5. esto esta rebueno , es un gran avance, para seguir aprendiendo mas de todo lo que nos da WORLD TV. MUCHAS

    This is a breakthrough WorldTV. Thanks and congratulations.

  6. Great job ! THX for new improvements !

    Is it possible to edit footer on my own domain in payed option ?

    Vote for more tabs, please…

  7. @One question. Now we have 3 tabs – General, Home page and Video page. I cannot figure out what is the difference between Home page and Video page

    It was very stupid question, sorry !!! Now I know it. Each video has its own page for viewing and comments. THX !

  8. Are you guys having plans on new architecture instead of Flash so we can use worldtv on ios devices?

  9. Short answer – yes. We are actively working on plans for a migration to HTML 5. Our top priority is to develop an HTML 5 compatible video player for TV Mode and embeds. We begin development work on that in a few days. The Editor will take much longer.

  10. Dear team

    I would like to thanks worldtv for good work,good flexible.Iam abeginers need to learn much ,I would like to knew how to add a tab f rom youtube and more things . thanks salwa

  11. Salwa, you can add YouTube tabs to the Editor (and much more) with our new Custom Feed Tabs feature. It costs $10 in the PRO store.

  12. Sir Why channel cannt be seen in mobiles…
    Plz make or improve some thing…
    and if you can plz add an option to add our on water mark.

  13. We are working to bring better mobile compatibility but Apple is not making it easy. ;)

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