Managing multiple channels just got easier

Posted by on Feb 23, 2009 in Change Log | 2 comments

If you operate multiple channels on WorldTV it can be a headache to switch between the Editor for each channel. Starting today you can now switch between each channel you own from a drop-down menu within the Editor itself. The drop down menu is located at the top right hand corner (see image).

If you can’t see the drop-down menu or the drop-down menu is not displaying all of your channels, please check the notes below…

  • You will only see the drop-down menu if you have multiple channels.
  • We match channels using your e-mail address, so make sure that all your channels have the same e-mail address in ‘Channel Settings’.
  • All your channels must have passwords (secret words) to appear in the drop-down menu. The passwords don’t need to be the same.

For security reasons you will be asked to enter a password the first time you switch to a channel using the drop down menu. This is one-time only for each channel. After that you will be able to switch effortlessly.


  1. I tried it but don’t know what the secret word is? Do I have to set it like a password first and then enter it?

  2. OK OK , I think I got it, not all my channels are showing up? Thanks this really is helpful.

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