Minor change to WorldTV Interface

Posted by on Sep 10, 2010 in Change Log | 11 comments

We’ve moved the navigation bar on WorldTV channels up a little bit to comply with YouTube Terms of Service, and to ensure that ads are not covered up by the navigation bar. We’ve also moved the position of the Channel Logo to the top-left position when YouTube videos are playing. All other aspects of the service are unaffected.


  1. For me it was thousands times better how it was before,however I understand YouTube requirements and WorldTV follow up in these issue.

    Aesthetically looked better for the eye previously. Well,what we can do!…

  2. Thanks for your comments Gustavo. FWIW… We’ve been looking at it for a couple of extra days and it’s growing on us. :)

  3. Though I do understand why You-tube wants its’ ads to show, that is the very reason that I have stopped importing their videos into my World TV.
    I pay to use World TV & don’t feel like paying them to show their ads.

    They should pay me for that…LOL…in my dreams


  5. I was thinking it as an HTML default setting error.Likewise I was waiting to see the old page which was absolutely perfect and had a great look.Now seeing the offical news I am sad.

    The interface looks very different.I understand the difficulties faced by the desingner with the youtube requirements.

    I feel sorry for your inability to revert to earlier possition.Your design was absolutely wonderfull.

    I will try to suggest some other options

    Wish to see Worldtv grows leaps and bounds with innovative designs

    Thanks Regards

  6. Can we get a shuffle button on the interface? Cruuuucial!

  7. Thanks again for all the comments. Regarding the Shuffle button, we could see how it would be good for music channels, so this could be an optional feature in future for channel owners. Please add it to our feature-voting pages and vote for this feature if you want it! Thanks very much for the suggestion.

    In response to the comments about the navigation bar, we’re re-considering how we implement it. It may be that we just move the navigation bar up for YouTube videos-only, so that channels without YouTube videos have it in the old position. Channels that have a mix of sources including YouTube would have the navigation bar bounce around position between different clips. Other ideas (more complex to develop) are also under consideration.

    Do continue to let us know your thoughts. They’re most appreciated!

  8. i think we need more croatian chanells we dont have any as of right now

  9. Is it possible to have a kind of Home Page, so that all the programmes can be seen at once (a click to read a headline about each to make selection easier)like Windows Explorer? The current scrolling process is slow and, with 100 films, it would take a very long time to reach the last one, which must discourage someone wishing to browse. Dare I sugget that making the thumbnails smaller would create extra space? I do emphasise, however, that your overall concept is brilliant and very much appreciated. — George Lambelle


    The channel homepage feature is planned and we hope to launch it sometime early next year. Thanks for the kind words George.

    WorldTV Staff

  10. the time between one clip and the other it takes too long.


    “This may just be that the host video sites were busy when you were watching the channel. Let us know if you continue to have problems”.

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