New Viewer Share Panel released – Facebook, Twitter, Email & More!

Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Change Log | 11 comments

wtv-share-panelStarting today, viewers of WorldTV channels will see a new share button and panel that lets viewers readily share clips on Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail. The old system for ‘Send Clip to Friend’ and ‘Send Channel to Friend’ is no more.

The idea is to make it much easier for viewers to share WorldTV content and to give channel owners a new tool that will help with natural promotion of their content.

The old system for ‘Send Clip to Friend’ and ‘Send Channel to Friend’ has been in place since the very earliest days of WorldTV. It was a simple system for sharing content by email. Unfortunately it did not work very well if a user had a Gmail or Hotmail account for example, and required email programs like Outlook. The new Share Panel offers a much improved system.

The big additions are of course the options to share by Facebook and Twitter. We have worked hard to bring you these features, and implemented several other related features:

  • URL’s for individual video clips on WorldTV now have ‘pretty’ URL’s. So instead of, we now use This is better for Search Engine Optimization, which should be a boon to channel owners, and is more intuitive. The old style urls will continue to work for backwards compatibility.
  • Links shared by Twitter will automatically be shortened through A big benefit of this is that savvy users can view live statistics on who is watching their shared content. Simply add a plus symbol (+) onto the end of any link to view the live stats
  • When an individual video clip is shared, a new ‘landing page’ is created for that clip. Here’s an example. This is a big step towards our goal of offering customizable channel homepages. The design of the page is far from finished and will improve dramatically as we implement the winning designs from our ‘design a user homepage for WorldTV’ competition
  • Content shared on Facebook will now have the correct image, title and description
  • Content shared on Facebook can be viewed ‘in-line’

Another benefit of the improvements is that the player controls are now more streamlined and we think look much better than before.


Do let us know if you experience any issues.


  1. the best website ever

  2. me gustan tus videos y canciones

  3. Hi there, those are some nice improvements!

    Could you please enable embedding videos from youtube in
    480p quality mood? The video quality in fullscreen mood is very bad and annoying. It’s most urgent. thanks

  4. Very nice app, Congrats!! But I would like to use if the worldtv brand can be remove from the aplication when we share on facebook. If this is posible for people who have unbranded channels?

  5. Good question Alex thanks. Yes the player should not have WorldTV branding on it if you have a debranded channel. We will look into this and try to fix it – thanks.

  6. Thanks for your answer, I’ll try again later. I’m debranded Channel custmer.
    Like I said’ Very Nice App. Congrats!!!

    Keep on running with WorldtTV.

  7. Great improvement! I still can not quite understand, but I like WorldTV is improving dramatically. I’m sure we all can see benefit in the short term, both the owners as we WorldTV operators of TV channels. Thanks WOLRDTV to improve every day.

  8. I’m very exited to use this app , but at least give us the option to change the URL before share on facebook.

  9. I would like to use this app, but no untill you fix the Worldtv Branding.
    Thanks Worldtv

  10. gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!


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