Performance upgrade, bug fix and a small new feature

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This weekend we migrated to a fast new database server replacing a server we’d been using for some time.

It was a tricky manoeuvre which took several weeks to plan and prepare. 14 Million files and several large databases were duplicated and had to be kept synched, and there was a lot of software which was upgraded to newer versions.

The migration went smoothly and in less time than we’d planned! Around 2 hours of downtime instead of 3.

In tests we can already ‘feel the difference’, and you should do the next time you log into your Editor, watch a channel in TV mode, or create a channel in the system.

Alongside this ‘maintenance’ upgrade, we fixed a bug where the Web Mode tab would not always load properly in the Editor – without a refresh, and we sneaked in a small new feature that some users, especially those with larger libraries, will appreciate.

Search Library by Genre and Keyword Feature

You can now search your library using the genre and keywords metadata fields. This means you can organize clips for rapid finding, simply through the use of metadata. You could organize clips into categories, or any way you like.

How to use

Right-click a clip in the Library, choose ‘View/Edit Metadata’ to see and enter information into the clip metadata fields. Some clips (eg YouTube clips) come pre-populated with metadata, but you can change this to whatever you like. If you want to test it out, put some unusual text into the Keywords or Genre field for a clip, and close the metadata window. Now use the search box at the bottom of the Library to enter that unusual word. The relevant clip will immediately appear.

This is a powerful feature and even if you don’t organize clips into keywords or genres, you can immediately make use of it through the improved performance when searching your YouTube based clip library.


Previously our Library Search box searched only the Title field. Now it searches the Title, Keywords and Genre fields. You access the Metadata pop-up by right-clicking a clip in the Library.

We are now working on the much anticipated Scheduling Mode, and should have a release within a couple of months. Thank you for your patience!

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