The Marrakech Update – Improved player, alerts box & 40 more improvements

Posted by on May 27, 2008 in Change Log | 11 comments

Hard to believe this update has taken three weeks to get out the door, but it’s amazing how the little things all add up, and boy there’s a lot of little things (and two big things) in this particular site update.

Improved Player

We’ve improved the appearance of the WorldTV player and this affects all channels in the WorldTV system. It’s slicker, it’s more compact, it has a new blue progress bar which we think looks smarter – custom colours and other user configurable options are coming.

Alerts Box

Another visible addition is the introduction of a new WorldTV Alerts box (powered by Twitter) within the Editor. Packed with tips, news, messages and interesting links – it means we can communicate much better many of the cool things going on here at WorldTV and other stuff we come across, without having to bombard people with e-mail.

We’ve tried to make it subtle, unobtrusive and we’ll keep the messages genuinely interesting and useful. It can be permanently turned off in Settings if you wish, but we think you’ll want to keep it. (In English only for now).

Other Improvements

There are more than 40 other bug fixes, cosmetic fixes, and other improvements in this update.


  • Improved design for main WorldTV player – more compact, better colours and playhead
  • Rotating WorldTV logo on homepage, create pages and Editor
  • Removed strange green line on Editor, panels now bigger, can fit more on screen
  • Snazzy gradients added to tabs and sub panels – woe be Web 2.0
  • [X] close icon improved to be more obvious
  • Improved and stylish font for clip title text on player
  • List of supported sites link more prominent, added TuTV as supported site
  • MySpace and Metacafe logos added to search panel
  • Preview Player within Editor updated to match Main Player
  • Supported site logos in Create Wizard updated – new ones, cosmetic adjustments
  • Qik logo cosmetic irregularity in Playlist fixed
  • Editor playlist box made taller – see more of the Playlist
  • Save/View My Channel button made bigger
  • Search results panel next/previous buttons made bigger
  • Site wide supported sites logo design tweaks
  • Navigation tab text improved, white hover, etc
  • Dynamic resizing of Main Player transport controls panel allowing it to be less wide

User Improvements

  • New supported site Tu.TV (v.popular Spanish video site)
  • New WorldTV Alert’s box in Editor for system messages, news and tips
  • Added World page link to navigation bar in Editor
  • Webcam record video playhead & functionality improvements, cosmetic improvement too
  • End of clip position of player tracker now goes to beginning on all players and webcam feature
  • Mins and secs now displayed on player when scrubbing playhead (forward/rewind etc)
  • Editor now alerts you if a video doesn’t add properly


  • View Channel/Save Error button issue. Problems were occurring when a user changed the language
  • Unknown Source clips in Library and Playlist (still unknown sources but better than before)
  • Unable to Add clip to Library in certain random situations
  • Missing Thumbnails in Library and Playlist on search panels (improved)
  • Send Clip/Channel to friend issue – charset issues and line feed (improved)
  • Flag drop down in Player and Editor issue – had to click twice
  • Page load up window error – pre-loader would sometimes appear in the top left corner of the page in some browser/os configurations
  • Change library clips preview panel button ‘Add to Library’ to ‘Add to Playlist’


  • QIK auto-add to playlist Improvements
  • Add clip from Search – logic improved
  • Numerous improvements to our Administration control panel and backend

We now switch our focus to looking at some of the features suggested on our Feedback page, some important ‘under the hood’ improvements which will improve stability, and some other planned updates.



  1. gracias por el apoyo brindado por la equipe de worldtv a qual tengo aprendido muito √°gora jo se exactamente que hacer com mis canales en worldtv soy periodista desde paraguay jo toy criando um pro jeto diferente de tv em paraguay gracias

  2. Una exelente forma muy dinamica de mostrarce al mundo de online TV
    Jesse Perez
    Dallas Texas

  3. Gracias por compartir una nueva TV para todos



  5. gostaria de parabenizar voces por esse projeto e convidar a todos para participarem da minha comunidade no orkut e conhecerem meu blog.

    e não esqueça de olhar o meu canal,por enquanto so clipes

    abraços a todos

  6. Como hago para subir mis propios videos. Tengo que estar en la relación de algunos de ellos. Como hago.

    Habra el opcion para caragr tus propios videos en el futuro pero ahora mismo puedes cargarlos usando ej o y añadir el URL generado en tu canal WorldTV.

    WorldTV Equipo

  7. We love this site – Thanks for bringing such features to the world.
    Will there be an enhancement to show users the playlist, i.e: on the player panel?

    Why thank you! We are currently developing a playlist content panel within the player which will enable you to see and skip through thumbnails of all playlist content.


    WorldTV Team

  8. Meus agradecimentos a Worldtv por liberar esta grandiosa ferramenta. Acredito! Que para muitos foi uma maravilha.
    Tenho um pequeno projeto no futuro de editar a minha própria TV Web, mais no momento estou postando alguns videos com link em meu site.
    Um forte abraço a todos da Worldtv.


  9. Gostei das mudanças. Uma que poderia ser corrigida seria o limite de apenas 100 videos.

  10. نحن نحب هذا الموقع — شكرا لعرض هذه السمات الى العالم.
    Will there be an enhancement to show users the playlist, ie: on the player panel? وسوف يكون هناك تحسين عرضها للمستخدمين التشغيل ، أي : على لاعب فريق؟

    Why thank you! لماذا شكرا لك! We are currently developing a playlist content panel within the player which will enable you to see and skip through thumbnails of all playlist content. ونحن حاليا على وضع التشغيل المضمون لاعب داخل الفريق والتي ستمكنكم من ان نرى من خلال الصور المصغره وتخطى جميع التشغيل المضمون.

  11. Bonjour, plutôt chouette ce site. !


    Hello, this is a neat site. !


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