Tweaks and updates Feb 25th

Posted by on Feb 25, 2008 in Change Log | 0 comments

We’ve been beavering away tirelessly here at WorldTV HQ this past week:

  • In Channel Settings / Player tab we’ve added a marvelous new “video aspect ratio” option. You can now select “Fill Screen” allowing you to watch your channel with expanded view in the Player. Why not try it now and watch your videos in their full screen glory!
  • A few design features to help site navigation, you’ll notice new home tabs on the “Create” and “World” Pages and a click on logos now take you to the home page!
  • Had problems with logo sizing? Then worry no more as we’ve automated the size when you upload a logo to your channel. Give it a go in Channel Settings and create your very own channel logo!
  • Some site e-fumigation is gradually killing off a few nasty little bugs, the latest being titles mismatching with videos, we apologize for any user experience inconvenience caused to date.
  • The World Page has had a little nip and tuck for your visual pleasure, we hope you like it.

Please feel free to contact us with your valued feedback suggestions, we are open ears at WorldTV.

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