Two New Supported Sites – Reuters and Ebaumsworld

Posted by on Jun 1, 2009 in Change Log | 5 comments

Reuters We are very pleased to announce two excellent new additions to our supported sites. These two sites are quite diverse in nature. The first is the international news agency Reuters which has managed to preserve its independence, integrity, and freedom from bias in its news reporting at a time when almost anything goes in broadcast news. Reuters’ reputation remains intact and they offer truly global news coverage with a team of several thousand journalists who over the years have covered all the major news events, while often seriously endangering their own lives. Reuters has a strict policy towards upholding objectiveness and they have refrained from using the word “terrorist” in their reporting unless it is as part of a quote. Reuters will be an excellent resource to channel creators who wish to have the best in objective news clips no matter what the direction of their channel. Check out this excellent channel which focuses on climate change and is made exclusively from Reuters’ news reports.
EbaumsworldThe second new supported site is the sometimes controversial yet always hilarious website that is Ebaumsworld. Home to numerous crazy pranks, hilarious wipeouts, classic commercials, wicked stunts, zany stand up routines and more, you cannot fail to find something entertaining at this popular website. You can also check out their flash cartoons, jokes and chatrooms amongst the entertainment media available at this web recreation portal.

We hope you enjoy these brilliant new supported sites and do continue to suggest other sites we should support by dropping us a line at


  1. Bonjour, ce sont deux excellentes nouvelles. Je suis d’ accord pour diffuser les informations de REUTERS et les Clips vid


    Hello, these are two excellent new sites. I agree to find information from Reuters and the vid clips

  2. Me parece magnifíca esta pagina . Sava.


    I think this is a magnificent site. Sava.

  3. ok muito bom mesmo gostei

  4. Very good services. I undertand that I can use the videos of REUTERS for our NEWS REPORT. I think that it is important. I hope that the same it is for Ebaumsworld!!

  5. Click my link…anyone with a World TV channel you want to promote please join us and post your PLAYER like this guy did. You can drag and drop the text box on your profile to get your channel to the top of the page like this guy did!!
    Its cool, join us! Chaz

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