Two New Supported Sites – The Onion and LiveLeak

Posted by on Mar 20, 2009 in Change Log | 2 comments

The Onion News NetworkWe are delighted to announce two awesome new additions to our supported sites. They certainly are different in nature but both websites will offer genuine audio-visual riches for many of our channel creators and viewers. The first one is The Onion News Network – a ridiculously funny site (not intended for those under 18), where the masters of fake news push today’s politically correct boundaries in a zany, madcap way usually leaving the viewer in fits of hysterical laughter. Here at WorldTV, we are long time fans of The Onion’s crazy, satirical brand of humor and we are very excited to now be supporting their brilliant video content. You really must check out some of the hilarious clips we found on The Onion News Network, right here on our Best of The Onion News Network channel.

LiveLeak - Redefining The MediaThe second of our two new supported sites is the wonderfully diverse LiveLeak with its mandate of “Redefining The Media”. LiveLeak lets users post and share videos but unlike most video sharing sites out there, it really is super-keen to promote discussion and debate of controversial political, current affairs and real life footage of international events like wars and natural disasters. The site gives users a place to post, comment on and debate anything from citizen journalism, to celebrity gossip, to education reports, to news from the front lines of international war zones, to entertainment updates. To commemorate the addition of this awesome, original video site why not watch a collection of some of Liveleak’s most entertaining clips, according to us, here on our brand spanking new Best of LiveLeak channel.

We hope you love these excellent new supported sites and please feel free to drop us a line at suggesting other video sites we should be supporting.


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