Video not found error and unknown video title

Posted by on Mar 29, 2008 in Change Log | 0 comments

BugVideo not found error

There was a major bug relating to search results. If you tried to add a video to your library from the ‘Preview Video’ window (i.e. you were watching the video and clicked ‘add clip to library’) the video link would fail with an error message saying “Video not found. Check your internet connection or video source and try again later”. This bug has now been fixed. Unfortunately this bug was not immediately obvious as it was still possible to add videos from the search results panel. Thank you to 8 year old Sean H in Liverpool for bringing this to our attention.

Unknown Video Title bug

We’ve fixed a problem where you would sometimes get ‘Unknown video title’ as the name for a video added via search. This bug was related to the one above, and only occurred if you added a video from the playback panel as above.

If you come across a bug on WorldTV, do please let us know via the Feedback tab on the left side of these pages. Your fellow WorldTV users will thank you! (as will we)

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