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Posted by on Feb 18, 2009 in Change Log | 6 comments

If you haven’t yet joined the Twitter party, now we’re giving all our users an even better reason to join in on all the fun!

Twitter is the most exciting new social networking service since Facebook. Twitter lets you broadcast brief text messages to your ‘followers’ which answer the question ‘What are you doing?’ People can reply or send private messages, and if you write engaging ‘Tweets’ you can quickly develop quite a following of people. Many celebrities are now on Twitter as a means to keep in touch with their fans.

Starting today you will find a brand new Twitter tab in your WorldTV Editor which lets you post messages about the videos you find to Twitter. We’ve put many hours of work into it, with an emphasis on our trademark simplicity, usefulness and ease-of-use.

WorldTV Twitter Tab

Features include…

  • Send a Tweet each time you add a video to your Playlist (including a direct ‘permalink’ to that video)
  • Send a Tweet periodically (no more than once every 5 mins) when you are adding multiple videos to your playlist
  • Send a manual message to Twitter (a regular style Twitter message). You don’t have to leave WorldTV to send messages to Twitter.
  • View your Twitter stream right within your Editor. Scroll up or down simply by moving the mouse.

Using WorldTV in combination with Twitter is a great way to let viewers know when you’ve added new content to your channel. It’s an ideal way to promote and grow your audience because Twitter naturally lends itself to that. Just be sure to use Twitter to its full extent. A Twitter account that only broadcasts automated messages for example is unlikely to generate much of a following. A great document by a well known Internet marketing expert that introduces Twitter and explains how to use it (with an emphasis on marketing) is worth reading if you want to get serious with Twitter.

An added bonus of this great new feature is that you can now generate permalinks (links that do not expire) for any video clip in your WorldTV collection. We’ll write a separate post explaining this in more detail soon, but basically you could experiment now with permalinks by right-clicking on a clip within your Playlist. With a bit of ingenuity you can use this to generate embeddable players for an individual clip. Again we’ll explain more details on this feature in future.

Twitter is growing at an incredible pace. We strongly recommend to all our users to look into it as a means to meet incredible new people, find new audiences, and join one of the most fascinating communities and social developments on the web. Don’t forget to follow the WorldTV Twitter channel to be kept up on all our news.



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    hay cosas que aun no entiendo, necesito el manual en espa

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