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online EPGWe’re all very excited (and a little relieved) to announce a major new feature on WorldTV that we’ve been working on for months and which has been widely requested by users on our feedback forum.

Starting today all channels on WorldTV now have an Electronic Programme Guide (or EPG) which lets viewers scroll through a list of videos on a channel (see left), and scroll through a list of other channels to watch. In typical WorldTV fashion it is both easy-to-use and should work fine on a wide range of computers.

The best way to explain it is to experience it, and you can see it in action on this channel here (opens in new window).

EPG optionsThe new feature is enabled by default across all channels on WorldTV starting immediately, but you can choose not to display it if you wish. You can choose between showing just the Playlist or just the Channel list if you prefer. The new controls for doing this are on the Player section of the Channel Settings tab (see right).

Within the next month we plan to offer the ability for channel owners to have control over which channels appear in the channel section, meaning in effect you’ll be able to create your own TV network! You’ll be able to link between different channels that you and your friends create.

For those interested in how we determine which channels are shown on the EPG, we take the best channels on WorldTV (those with a ‘pick’ status on the World page) and display…

  • Some from the same country as the channel you are watching
  • Some from the same continent as the channel you are watching
  • Some from around the World

All the more reason to get your channel chosen as a ‘pick’ by writing to us and letting us know what a great channel you have!

We hope our users enjoy this new feature and it certainly makes watching WorldTV even more of a pleasure. You can now surf through and find all kinds of interesting channels and videos.

You can also read the Press Release for this announcement.


  1. Felicitaciones por estas nuevas funciones del Play List y Lista de Canales a los lados de la imagen. Muy practicos, faciles
    de manejar.
    Seguro seguiremos recibiendo nuevas innovaciones de ustedes.

    Muchas gracias y Felicidades.

    Congratulations for the new Playlist and Channel list features on the side of the screen. Very practical, easy to use. I am sure we will continue to see new innovations from you.

    Congratulations and thank you very much.

  2. Congratulations keep up the good work

  3. Congratulations!
    If WorldTV support HD Video,……
    This story has been translated into chinese:

  4. Obrigado pela pronta resposta. – Tito

    Thanks for the prompt response. – Tito

  5. Era isso realmente o que estava faltando, assistimos o nosso canal e ao mesmo tempo podemos acessar outros canais sem precisar abrir outra página. É a evolução da WorldTV, parabéns!Muito bom.

    That is really what was missing, we see our channel and at the same time we can access other channels without having to open another page. It is the evolution of WorldTV, congratulations! Very good.

    Muito obrigado / Thank you very much,
    WorldTV Equipe / WorldTV Team

  6. muchas gracias por facilitarnos esta herramienta sencilla pero de exelencia para alcanzar las naciones con un mensaje de esperanza. muchas gracias y felicitaciones porque cada día se muestra el deseo de superación.
    Pastor Jorge

    thank you very much for giving us this simple tool to achieve excellence but of nations with a message of hope.Congratulations and thank you very much because every day is the desire to overcome.
    Pastor Jorge


    Muchas gracias,

    WorldTV Equipo

  7. gracias de antemano, pero tengo un problema.

    Si utilizo la public_url que tengo si consigo ver el play list.

    pero si uso el iframe no me sale, hago algo mal, o es que no se puede?


  8. WOW… this is just great!!!
    GUAO… Esto es grandioso!!!

  9. Excelentes los cambios! Es muy bueno innovar
    Sigan asi WorldTV! Saludos desde Argentina

    Excellent changes! It’s very good innovation
    WorldTV remain so! Greetings from Argentina

  10. felicidades por los cambios.
    una sola critica, la calidad de los videos es lamentable, yo creo que se puede mejorar muchisimo la imagen para que no se vean tantos pixeles en la tv.
    ya hay muchos sitios transmitiendo de la misma manera y la calidad es optima, se que esa es la proxima meta a cumplir, asi que por lo tanto, felicidades por el crecimiento.

    Hugh Lynch.

  11. salut sava tous

    hi guys, respect

  12. Espero que todos desta comunidade tenham tido um exelente
    ano e que todos tenham um ótimo natal e, que o ano que esta prestes a chegar seja um ano muito lindo e com muita paz e amor nos corações da humanidade. Um caloroso abraço

    I hope that all of this community have had an excellent year and we all have a great Christmas, and that the year about to come is a very nice year and with much love and peace in the hearts of mankind. Warm wishes.

  13. excelente idea!!! hacia integramos más nuestra visiones, sueños, mundos. Así multiplicamos más nuestras voces e imágenes.

  14. good job
    go ahead

  15. Que bom,é muito legal!!!

    This is great, really cool!

  16. Felicitaciones respetadisimos amigos. Este es un verdadero avence en el proceso de la democratización de la gran Red de Internet.
    Las pequeñas fallas serán objeto de revisión por el camino y lo importante es seguir adelante.
    Reitero mis voces de felicitación y que el Altisimo los ilumine en este trabajo. Gracias

    Congratulations respected friends. This is a real Avenç in the process of democratization of the vast network of Internet.
    Small flaws will be subject to review by the way, and the important thing is to go ahead.
    I reiterate my voice of congratulations to the Sublime and illumination ofs this work. Thank you

  17. thank for new’s and confirmation

  18. me alegra que cada vez tengan mas tecnologia al servicio del usuario de verdad los numero uno espero sigan cosechando exitos en sus imnovadoras ideas besosssss de venezuela

  19. amigos un cordial saludo y gracias por tener este medio para poder comunicarnos con el mundo pero hay un problema y es que el enlace editor no me conecta con mi canal y no se que hacer ustedes pueden darme un nuevo enlace y si no creare un nuevo canal……saludos

  20. I really apreciate all the work you guys have put into this great world network, unfortunatly I was unable to conect to WORLD T.V. for about 2 months due to technical dificulties, but Im back on the air again and more than willing to get my channel well on its way to hopefully being a very productive and entertaining means of transmition. Thaks to all the staff @ WORLD T.V. for your hard work. Keep on trucking!!!

  21. REspecto a la tener una propia Red ustedes dicen:
    “En los próximos meses tenemos previsto ofrecer la posibilidad de que los propietarios del canal a tener control sobre los canales que aparecen en la sección del canal” por favor podriame indicarme como lo consigo.
    Saludos IPERUTV


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