WorldTV Performance for Embeddable Players Increased

Posted by on Oct 18, 2010 in Change Log | 8 comments

The growth of our service recently has surprised even us and we’ve just added significantly increased server capacity which will benefit users of our embeddable players.

The launch of a new, improved style of embeddable player has resonated with our users and we’re now seeing 3 years of viewing every single day. That’s more than MTV in the UK, More4+1 or even Sky Sports 3!

With 3x the capacity now for our embeddable servers, users should notice improved performance, greater speed and generally improved reliability.


  1. Its very very good

  2. AMEN

  3. very cool like tv

  4. The embeddable players not work… Why?

  5. The statistics for my canal POEMA_VISION is fallued, from his inauguration 3-4-2008 year 2008-2009 has been 1000 visit ago …now say 387 ¿ ? no sir now 2010
    are 1,387 visit ago …please correct my Statistics in my page of editor…

    La estadística de mi canal POEMA_VISION está fallada o errada, desde el día de su inauguración 3-4-2008 años 2008-2009 han sido más de 1,000 visitas hasta hoy …ahora dice 387 ¿ ? no señor …este año 2010 son 1387 visitas hasta hoy …por favor, revisen y corrijan la estadística y actualizarla en mi página del editor.
    Pedro Frez

  6. Hi Pedro. Thanks for reporting this and in detail. You are correct. Statistics from 2008-2009 were inadvertently lost from the statistics tab in the Editor. We are working to restore these now. Thanks again for letting us know.

  7. World TV.
    Pedro Frez

  8. How close are you to offering folder options? It would be really valuable to be able to organize easier. Would be willing to pay for the option.

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