What is

WorldTV is a versatile online video platform that can do many things, but which has a legacy and emphasis on TV-style (i.e. linear) presentation of videos. In fact, you can create something very similar looking to a TV channel, presented on the web (and on TV via set top boxes) which comprises individual clips sourced from YouTube, Vimeo and other hosted video content.

Recent updates to WorldTV have introduced something we call Web Mode – which allows users to create a more web like, non-linear experience. This rounds out our product offering and is something akin to creating your own YouTube.

WorldTV has a very unique model where all of the features we offer (and there are many) are provided ‘a la carte’. You simply pick and choose exactly the features you want. This is something like customizing an application like Microsoft Word, so that you only see (and pay for) the features you actually use, and never see or pay for the ones you don’t. We also offer a great deal of functionality out of the box for free.

You can create and edit video playlists, centrally manage a library of videos wherever they’re hosted (YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, etc) and create embeddable players for videos in your library, all wrapped up in an extremely friendly user interface. There’s many other things WorldTV can be used for (see next question) but this gives you a flavour. Our goal is simple… to offer the very best and well-thought-out tools for working with Internet-based video, and to stay up to date with the needs and requirements of our users.

WorldTV has existed in one form or another for 15 years – we plan to be around a lot longer.

What can I do with WorldTV?

WorldTV is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. Here’s 12 things you can do

  1. Create your own full screen, high-definition, web TV channel (and become your own media mogul). Soon you’ll be able to broadcast the same channel to TV’s as well. (Some users are already doing this)
  2. Watch over a quarter-of-a-million web TV channels created by our users from all over the World.
  3. Collect, archive and maintain an independent library of all your favourite web video clips, wherever they’re hosted.
  4. As a video discovery and social network sharing system – share your video finds on Twitter, Facebook and RSS with a single click, as you browse the web (using our very awesome browser bookmarklet add-on). Instantly share great video clips without ever leaving YouTube, Vimeo and many other popular video websites. Store a reference copy in your library or collection at the same time – so you can always find it again.
  5. Take FLV, H.264, MP4 files on your own server or elsewhere (can be hi-definition), and employ WorldTV as a playlist builder, video content management system, embeddable player generator, RSS playlist generator, Twitter and Facebook video sharing tool
  6. Record video clips into your library from your own webcam via your browser (no software to install)
  7. Use our Universal Player to wrap a great looking embeddable player around YouTube clips, your own hosted clips, and clips from other video sites and sources. Switch seamlessly between videos from different websites; customize the look and feel of the player; insert video ads between clips (25 video ad networks are supported); switch in live streams from Ustream and Qik.
  8. Create and edit video playlists using our award winning, and we believe the friendliest GUI playlist editor on the planet (demo)
  9. Have multiple Editors access and edit the same video collection simultaneously (works similar to Google WAVE – remember that?)
  10. Monetize your video playlists or channel with TV-style advertising and Google Adsense. We can find the ads for you, or, you can plug in your own video ad network account from more than 25 supported video ad networks.
  11. And much more!

How much does it cost?
WorldTV offers its basic service for FREE – and does not require a credit card to sign up. Additional ‘PRO’ features are available on an ‘a la carte’ basis meaning you choose exactly the features you want, and pay for none of the ones you don’t. Nearly all of our features are available as one-time-fee purchases, meaning, you pay once and have access to the feature permanently. We also offer subscription payment options for each feature ranging in price from 25 cents to $7.50 per month per feature. These are cancellable at any time and pro-rated to the day. The WorldTV PRO Store (where you buy these features) is built into the application itself, so the best thing is to create a channel (it only takes 2 minutes) and browse to the PRO Store section to see the range of features available.

Why would I invest my time and energy into this site?

Choosing a site to invest your time or money into is a significant decision, particularly if you are entrusting that site with your content, time and creativity. It takes time to learn all the features of a new website – you want to know that the site will be there in the future and continue to innovate ahead. We’ve been conceptualizing and planning WorldTV for 12 15 17 19 years and we plan to be around a lot longer. This is more than just a ‘business’ to us, it’s a passion and a journey. The tools we offer now are just the middle of that journey. What we have in the pipeline will genuinely excite anyone who has a passion for video and technology. If you come along for the ride you won’t be disappointed.

How often do you update the site with new features?

We work on the site full time (we have 5 permanent staff) with new feature development taking place 9 months of each year. Basically we take a one month development break every 3 months, and this usually follows a major release. In this way we see how the dust settles and can incorporate user feedback and suggestions into our next ‘sprint’. We aim to have around two major feature releases each year (up to 30 improvements at a time), with incremental releases between that. Customer service and bug fixing happens year round.

What is your customer service response time?

We provide email support, year round 5 days a week (and sometimes on weekends). We provide an urgent messaging system which is monitored 7 days a week for urgent matters. Typically we respond to customer service enquiries in 2-4 business days, and simpler queries tend to be responded to quicker – that’s the reality. We also offer premium support options starting from $50 a month which guarantee faster response times. Phone support is also available at cost. Contact for details. Our two customer service people Max and Bill work on EST and Central European Time respectively. We support English and Spanish natively, and will use Google Translate for other languages.

Common Problems

I’ve forgotten my login details

You will have received an e-mail with your access details when you first signed up, with the subject ‘Access Details for your WorldTV Channel’. Please search for this email in your email program as a first step.

WorldTV offers two methods to login…

1. A defined URL structure for logging into a channel which is[yourchannelname]/editor. You can look for this URL in your browser history, or, if you know your channel name, simply visit this URL, substituting your channel name. If you can’t remember your channel name, you can email us and we will try to help you. If you’ve forgotten your password (we call it a ‘secret word’) you can visit your channel editor URL, and click the link to have it sent to you email automatically.

2. As of May 2011 and by popular request, we now offer a centralized login feature from the WorldTV home page. This uses your email address and the same password/secret word used to log in using method 1. If you can’t remember your channel name, but think you know the password, you can try logging in with your email address and password from the WorldTV home page.

TIP: You can now switch easily between different channels you own using a drop down menu in the top-right corner of the Editor. You must use the same email address for each channel for this to work, something we recommend anyway for centralized billing reasons. We also recommend using the same password for each channel as this will speed up switching between the channels each time.

I’m having a technical problem

WorldTV is generally very reliable. Weird things do happen occasionally but they can almost always be solved easily. Here’s our recommended procedure for dealing with technical issues…

1) A video has stopped working and is skipping to the next video during playback – This can happen when the original video file is no longer available on YouTube or other source website. Often, searching for the same video and re-adding it will solve the problem. Problem videos are highlighted in the Editor with an orange exclamation point which can be clicked on to get more details, and even search for the same video again. If you have a persistant problem with videos from a specific site, check our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and news page for any recent mentions of the problem. If there are no mentions, please tell us about the problem so we can look into it.

2) The editor is unresponsive or the clock icon won’t go away – Be patient. The clock icon can take up to 40 seconds to go away on first loading the Editor. Failing this, the simple solution every time is to ‘refresh’ the Editor page in your browser. This will solve almost all problems. You don’t have to worry about losing any work, everything is backed up automatically every few seconds.

3) I’m having a problem not solved by the above

I bought a PRO feature – where is it?
All features are immediately activated on your channel at the time of purchase (or within 30 seconds). Most features immediately appear in your Editor as well. Some, for reasons that are quite technical to explain, require you to refresh your browser before they appear. To be certain… wait 1 minute, refresh your browser, and look around in the Editor for your new feature. You can check which features you have purchased in the PRO Store under ‘My Products’. We realize that some features can be a little tricky to find if you have not used them before. Rest assured they are there somewhere, you just have to dig around a little. If you are still having trouble, drop us a line to Support and we will point you in the right direction.

Why is my channel not showing up on the World page?

You need to tick the box for ‘List Channel Publicly’ under Settings->Channel within the Editor.

Why can’t I change my email address in the Editor?
If you have purchased WorldTV PRO features it is not currently possible to change your email address within the Editor. This is to protect your account. We can change it for you if needed – just drop us a line to

Payment Questions

How do I purchase additional features? Where is the pricing info?

The WorldTV PRO Store is fully integrated into the WorldTV Editor, which is the web application we provide for managing a channel you’ve created on WorldTV. When you are logged into your Editor you will see a tab called WorldTV PRO. On there you will see the 30+ additional features and their current prices. Most features are available in both one-time-fee and subscription (pay-monthly) options. You can choose which option is best for you. Features typically cost $5-15 range for outright purchase.

How does your billing system work for multiple channels?

Our billing system (and indeed our entire customer support system) is tied to your email address. Providing you use the same email address for managing different channels, you only need to enter your credit card details once (on any one of your channels), and you will be able to buy features with that card seamlessly on any of your other channels. Conversely, if you wish to use a different credit card for different channels, you should set each channels up with a different email address – one email address per card that you would like to use. Not doing this will cause confusion, issues and possibly a rift in the Earth’s crust.

Please note that features which you buy on one channel are not applied to any other channel you own. You must buy any features for each channel. Sorry.

What payment methods do you offer? Can I use PayPal?

We currently offer Visa and Mastercard as the only payment options for our customers. We’re sorry but we no longer offer Paypal as a payment method. We recommend using a pre-paid credit card if you do not have a permanent credit card.

I used the old WorldTV PRO Store and bought features using PayPal. What should I do?

Your subscription and products remain the same. We recommend transitioning to the new credit card based system at your leisure. We no longer offer Paypal as a payment method for new features, so you will have to transition at some point.

Other Popular Questions

How can I upload something to WorldTV?

WorldTV lets you use videos that have already been uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or (if you’ve purchased our ‘Playlist MP4/FLV files option’) any web server or cloud server (Amazon S3, Cloudfront etc). We do not offer uploads directly, as we think these services do a wonderful job already. So if you want to upload something of your own, the easiest way is to upload it to YouTube, perhaps using YouTube’s ‘unlisted’ feature (if you don’t want people on YouTube to see it), and then add the video to your WorldTV channel using the YouTube URL.

If you don’t want the YouTube (or Vimeo) logo on your video, your best option is to host the video yourself, which can be done on any web server with the ‘Playlist MP4/FLV’ option mentioned above. We are not aware of any free video hosting service without a logo of some kind.

How can I embed my channel in a blog or webpage?

WorldTV lets you embed individual clips or an entire WorldTV channel using one of 4 designs of video players.

We provide a tab in the Editor called ‘Embeddable Player’ under the Promote tab, and on here you will find the options to create an embeddable player. The Free version of WorldTV comes with 1 style of player (the ‘Slick’ skin) – 3 more styles are available in the Pro Store at low cost. Each embeddable player style is customizable with a variety of options.

Once you have set the design for your player, you can share an entire channel (using the code provided), or individual clips by right-clicking on them in your Library. Note that changing the customization options for a particular skin will generally affect all instances of that player which you have embedded.

The Slick Skin which we provide for free is a special case as it also controls the look of the player on your Web Mode pages.

A second approach which some users prefer is to use an iFrame technique and include a full ‘TV Mode’ WorldTV channel (with or without EPG navigation panels) on your site, using an iFrame. This works best at a larger size – 800 pixels wide or larger. You can frame your channel in your own custom designed skin this way and examples can be seen here.

iFrame method (example code)

<iframe src=”” width=”800px” height=”450px” frameborder=”0″>

* Note that you can adjust the width and height to whatever size you wish, bearing in mind the issue described above regarding minimum size.

What is the difference between the Statistics Tab feature and using Google Analytics?
The Statistics Tab is our in-house statistics system and provides simple, at-a-glance, useful statistics such as the number of viewers per day, the total viewers of all time, how many viewers this week, how many last week, how long they watch for and which country they come from. It also tells you the ratio of regular viewers to new viewers. This data is very accurate as we use our own specialized system for gathering the information which Google Analytics can’t do.

Google Analytics is less specialized (it cannot give you an accurate figure for the average viewing length per person for the reason indicated above), but it offers substantially greater depth, with features such as which browser people are using, which pages they are accessing the most (if you are using Web Mode) and Google Analytics now offers live statistics of how many people are watching right now.

In short, the two features work in different ways and are complimentary to each other. If you are just getting started, we recommend the Statistics Tab feature as it is easier to understand. As your needs expand, or if you are making heavy use of Web Mode, we recommend Google Analytics.

Please note as well that all paying customers of WorldTV receive a weekly, automated email each Friday which contains very basic statistics in addition to other useful information.

What is the difference between Web Mode and TV Mode?
WorldTV offers two methods of viewing a channel that’s been created on our platform. TV Mode is intended as a lean-back experience, full screen, and with similar functions and appearance to a traditional TV channel. Web Mode looks more like a YouTube or Vimeo.

As a channel creator you can display your channel in either two modes, or make use of both. It’s entirely up to you.

Note that clips shared from TV Mode will end up at a Web Mode page (this is our permalink url structure). Note as well that you can customize the look of the Web Mode player from the Slick Skin controls under Promote > Embeddable Player. Other customizations for the design of the Web Mode pages are under the main Web Mode tab.

Can I do live broadcasts?

Yes. With our Live Tab feature you can publish live video to your WorldTV channel and even switch between different live feeds from different places. You will need to create a free account with Ustream to do this, which is a superb live streaming platform offering a range of great tools. We particularly recommend their Ustream Producer software which we use ourselves for WorldTV Live Events.

What is the maximum number of items I can have in my playlist/library?

There is an initial limit of 100 videos in both the playlist and library (200 total). You can upgrade to a limit of 500 items in both the library and playlist, or unlimited clips, for a one-off fee. See our Pro Store in the Editor for more details.

Do you offer 3D capability with the YouTube 3D player?

Unfortunately YouTube do not make available their 3D functionality to API partners like WorldTV. We are keen to offer 3D functionality and will update this as and when YouTube offer this.

Do you offer 360 video capability?

We’re very interested in 360 video, and particularly live 360 video. We think it’s the future of television. Please check out our friends with the world’s most awesome VR camera, and watch this space.

What is the legal situation with copyright and WorldTV?

It is each user’s responsibility to ensure they are complying with the relevant copyright laws and this FAQ answer should not be a substitute for professional legal advice, particularly if your use of WorldTV is commercial in nature. We offer the following guidelines based on our experience.

WorldTV offers a video embedding and playlisting platform which allows users to embed videos from other sources (YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos etc). WorldTV does not host any videos itself. It is not generally possible to know if a video is copyrighted or not, although common sense can prevail here. If you predominantly embed videos from YouTube for example, it is typically YouTube’s responsibility to respond to any copyright complaints about any videos that have been uploaded.

For example, we honour YouTube’s “no embed” feature which ensures that you can only add videos to a WorldTV channel where embedding has been explicitly enabled by the person who uploaded the video. If a video is uploaded that should not have been uploaded, YouTube’s own DMCA and removals procedure normally sees that video removed, at which point it will no longer work in the WorldTV player. A message will appear that says “This video has been removed” or similar language. If on the other hand you self-host your videos, this will place the full responsibility on you to comply with copyright laws.

If you make all your own videos and content, and have not incorporated any other music, photos or video in your content to which you do not have the rights, then you are generally the owner of the copyright in that video. Other areas of copyright law such as fair use or parody may apply depending on the type of content.

In general we consider that embedding a video from YouTube or Vimeo is no different from embedding a video onto a webpage from one of these sites directly. If you are a copyright owner and spot a video on WorldTV that should not be there, we encourage you to use the DMCA complaints procedure with the site that is hosting the video. This can be easily determined by seeing if there is a YouTube or Vimeo logo in the corner of the video. Clicking on this logo will take you to the relevant page on the relevant site where that video is hosted. YouTube’s copyright information page is here, Vimeo’s copyright information page is here.

Who is behind WorldTV?

WorldTV is independently owned, and privately backed by its managers. This means we care… a lot. Our team has a passion for doing innovative stuff and our programmers are based worldwide. Our graphic design is by FruitMachine – a Shoreditch, London based design agency.

Why do people always stand up in planes when there are at least 100 people who have to get off before them?

We don’t know, but it’s weird.

How do we contact you?

For suggestions and bug reports, please use our feedback system.

For all other enquiries, please send e-mail to

You can also follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook

Last updated: Oct 5th 2015 – New section on 360 Video