Ian Loveday (aka EON)

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Today on WorldTV we honour the life of a friend and music producer who sadly passed away on June 17th.

Ian Loveday was one of the pioneers of the UK house and techno scene, a DJ and music producer who is best known for his work as EON (Spice, Inner Mind, Fear is the Mindkiller) and his collaborations with S’Express, Bizarre Inc, Depthcharge and Peter ‘Baby’ Ford. He also recorded the sound effects that you hear on WorldTV when you use the live broadcasting / mobile phone video feature – it’s his voice put through a vocoder.

In honour of his life (his funeral is today) we’ve put together a channel featuring a selection of his work. There is also a discography, Myspace page, Facebook group and official website.

Ian was that rare breed of individual who you could reliably say there isn’t a person on the planet who would have a bad word to say about him. He was a genius, an innovator and an all round nice guy. He will be sadly missed.

Ian Loveday aka EON on WorldTV – worldtv.com/ianloveday

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