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Congratulations to channel Join The Revolution which has sky rocketed to the top of the WorldTV rankings. Join the Revolution is exactly the kind of channel we want to encourage and feature on WorldTV.

We spoke with Aaron, the channel’s creator who was pleasantly surprised by the channel’s success.

“In my experience, many people are almost completely apathetic to any issue which isn’t downloaded into them via the nightly news. My motivation for creating the channel was to both organise all of my own thoughts together and reach a new audience of people with the mind-blowing information I had uncovered.”

With more than 12,000 viewers in just 3 days, JoinTheRevolution is the biggest hit on WorldTV to date. We wanted to know more about Aaron and his motivations behind the channel who was modest about his efforts…

“The channel is about the message, not the messenger. My intention is to provoke a change in how people think about the world around them, and to consider that the version of reality projected by the mainstream media is just one version of this world, not necessarily the truth.”

“I believe that the issues raised by the channel are among the most important and pressing issues of our time. This in not a popular position, since the media is constantly beating us over the head about the twin dangers of global warming and terrorism.”

JointheRevolutionTV is still in a state of infancy. It will continue to grow as the WorldTV foundation grows underneath it.”

If you have a channel that you would like us to know more about, and potentially be featured on this page, drop us a line at



  2. Gracias

  3. GO FOR the Revolution TV


  4. Hi!
    I saw your channel first, as i come to worldtv. I am aware of the whole scam that is carried out today and in the last thousands of years and so i MUST create a own channel here.

    Much of my videos are in German.
    This is very good for “Video-Activism”!

  5. I saw your channel, Aaron, and it’s great!

    My channel – – is very similar. I had many documentaries and lectures on these topics. I tried to make mine different and content-full.

    Anybody that likes your channel will love mine.

    Keep advertising your channel (and mine?) and keep spreading the truth.

    If everyone knew what we’re trying to tell people, the problems of the world would literally disappear instantly.

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