The truth is out there!

Posted by on May 4, 2008 in Featured Channels | 2 comments

WorldTV now boasts over 23,000 user channels from the seriously sublime to the ridiculously funny!

We continuously scour our network of channels looking for quality content in all genres and languages. A very popular theme among channel creators seems to be the questioning of modern thought, accepted truths and the uncovering of conspiracy theories

Previously we featured channel Join the Revolution which went right to the top of the World Page charts, this weeks hot tip is Project Matrix! Hailing from sunny Spain and currently riding high at number 4 in the World chart, Project Matrix have created several superb channels probing various globally important topics from the past, present and future. They have also cleverly embedded their channels on their fantastic Project Matrix blog. To quote:

Project Matrix show series and episodes of non-commercial broadcasting, interlinked by various themed reports, covering any news or information that may be “hidden, ignored or suppressed” and is considered of interest to all humanity.”

Project Matrix also took considerable time and effort to give WorldTV some excellent detailed feedback which enables us to develop and improve our service further. This is incredibly beneficial for the success of WorldTV and we encourage all user feedback be it positive or negative..

So thanks Project Matrix from all the team at WorldTV

To view Project Matrix WorldTV channels click:

proyectomatriztv tratadodelisboatv venezuelalibretv channel_11-s_tv exopolitica tv


  1. exactly. worldtv is a great way to get the truth out there. well done.

  2. I will say this is the second time I have read your site and I am lovin it! I added your site to my rss reader. Looking forward to see more updates!

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