Toby’s Choice – Week 10

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1. Roger Federer –

The greatness of Roger Federer is hard to appreciate fully as he is still playing and has recently unimaginably become fallible with the might of Rafa Nadal causing tennis ranking upheaval.  However future historians will affectionately look back at Federer as one of, if not the all time Greats.  A true Gentleman and ambassador for the game who is still only 27 and is just one win away from equaling Pete Sampras’s previously thought unbeatable record of 14 Grand Slam titles in the Modern era.

2. Gooner News TV –

In case you were unfamiliar with the term a Gooner refers to a fan of Arsenal Football Club hence the channel name.  Arsenal have consistently been a top flight Premier League football club for more than a decade under the meticulous care of Arsene Wenger whose brand of football is even popular among opposing team fans (myself included)

3. Ayrton Senna –

I remember exactly where and what i was doing when i heard that Ayrton Senna had crashed and died.  Senna seemed like an elusive, sultry looking man and I used to love watching the aggressive style of his rubbing burning battles with Prost and Mansell, perhaps we were denied the only driver who could have challenged Schumacher in his early years., The yellow helmet is still revered and copied by the current king of the track Lewis Hamilton a self confessed fan of the late great Aytron Senna.

4. Diego Maradona –

As an Englishman its hard not to have some distaste for Maradona after his Hand of God goal and possibly the greatest goal scored in the competition, all in one match against England in the 1986 World Cup.  However like Federer he remains arguably the best ever player to have graced his game and is quite literally worshiped in his home country Argentina.  Watching this channel you cannot help but be amazed at his ability, check his tricks out as he casually warms up before a game, unbelievable natural talent.

5. Boxing TV –

I remember boxing once being described as “a barbaric sport, but there is nothing more exhilarating to watch..” This channel is is full classic boxing encounters including a documentary series about the best of British fighters locked in the ancient art pugilism


Alpine TV –

High altitude shenanigans from this Alpine based adrenalin laced channel.

Skateboard TV –

Four little wheels on a board, some skills and a lot of balls..

That’s it for this weeks sport tastic Toby’s Choice.  Happy channel building and don’t forget you can follow all WorldTV News using our RSS feed

One Comment

  1. Ola,parabens pelo trabalho de voces, sou fã do worldtv e uso ja ha algum tempo mas gostaria de dar algumas dicas para a melhoria do worldtv,primeiro que os videos so comecem quando apertar play,
    segundo podiam aceitar videos do videolog e terceiro colocar um menu ao lado para que os telespectadores possam escolher o video que quer assistir.
    Abraços e ate mais e me desculpem pelo ingles ruim

    “Hello, congratulations for the work of you, I do worldtv and the use for some time but I would like to give some tips for improving the worldtv, first of the videos so when you start pushing play,
    could accept the second and third videos of videolog put a menu on the side so that viewers can choose the video you want to watch.
    Hugs and even more and I apologize for bad English”

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