Toby’s Choice – Week 7

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After a small dose of sunshine my batteries are recharged and Toby’s Choice is back with a basket of goodies for your continued viewing pleasure. This weeks selection includes popular music channels from our users around the world, for your eyes and ears only.

1. The Beatles TV –

Not much can be added about the Fab Four that hasn’t already been said many times over, so i’m not going to harp on about how genius they are, except to say I still feel sorry for the original drummer Pete Best and what were they thinking in that photo..

2. Pink Floyd –

A tip of the hat to Richard Wright, keyboardist and one of the founding members of Pink Floyd who passed way this week. Wright met fellow Floyders Roger Waters and Nick Mason at college and joined their early band, Sigma 6. Along with the late Syd Barrett, the four formed Pink Floyd in 1965 and to this day Pink Floyd remain one of the best known bands in the world.

3. Super 80′s –′s

The 80′s is the new 70′s depending on your date of birth and I imagine the 90′s will be the new 80′s quite soon, the rule of thumb seems to be that a 2 decade gap makes something cool again… Anyway before i digress further, this is another 80′s Music channel packed full of classics from the decade of Big Hair and warpaint like makeup..


Alaska Report –

I stumbled upon this channel last week and was ever so gently drawn into watching the various clips of folksy, Irish influenced music. Not normally my cup of tea but the musicianship and feel good factor won me over.

Kiss Television –

Rock Ballads for me are an acoustic version of wading through a field of treacle but there are some guilty pleasures here and personally speaking its one of those “so bad its good” scenarios! I’m sure we’ve all clenched a fist and sung a lyric or two to a few of the videos in this channel, lets just keep it between ourselves though shall we..

More to come next week as always you can contact me at with your suggestions, go on, i dare you..

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