Toby’s Choice – Week 8

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1. Paul Newman –

The world without Paul Newman is an emptier place.  The screen legend epitomized “cool” for generations of film lovers but who according to those who knew him was a generous, caring and unpretentious man who shied away from the publicity of his global fame and instead used it on many occasions to help others. Survived by his wife of 50 years Paul Newman was a class act and a true gent.

2. Animes Streaming Net –

We came across this channel after seeing our super new WorldTV embeddable player on French Animation website The channel features a selection of Manga style cartoons in their original Japanese format but with French Subtitles for the more discerning french (or French speaking) animation aficionado.

3. Mr. Bean –

Hailing for the UK Mr Bean is a worldwide comedy phenomenon co written by and starring the inimitable Rowan Atkinson of Black Adder fame.  Harking back to an age of silent comedy the buffoonery of Bean manages to amuse millions, passing unnoticed through cultural boundaries with its simple laughter evoking formula. Mr Bean described by Atkinson is “a child in a grown man’s body”


Karma Sutra –

An informative instructional guide to the ancient Indian practice of Kama Sutra tastefully put together in a respectful and salubrious manner that avoids any cheap tricks..

Steve Reich –

For those with a love of more leftfield music check out this documentary and live recordings style channel dedicated the brilliant modern composer Steve Reich whose strange and wonderful manipulation of sound has enchanted my cerebral cortex for many moons.

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