Toby’s Choice – Week 9

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Toby’s Choice this week enters the political sphere with a humorous look at some of the world’s most powerful politicians. With the seemingly endless campaigning almost over and the 2008 American Presidential Elections literally hours away…

Obama TV –

As a non-American, outside observer, Obama gets my vote (for what it’s worth).  I sincerely hope that if he does manage to reach the goal of his campaign and become president of the US of A, that he begins the process of “change” immediately as there is a fair amount of damage to undo. For a more factual look at Barack, check out History of Obama –

John McCain TV -

It seems to be that McCain is the man for those who lean towards preserving the status quo in the U.S.  A Vietnam veteran who exudes patriot America and is the popular choice for the ex Bush crowd. For a more serious take on Mr McCain, see History of McCain-

Sarah Palin TV

Will the real Sarah “The Hockey Mom” Palin please stand up!  Her packaged politics and robotic white toothed deliveries may prove to be a hindrance rather than help to the McCain campaign. Only time will tell. For a more factual look at Sarah, see History of Sarah Palin-

George Bush

Regardless of your political persuasion I’m sure most of you will agree that GWB hasn’t been the ideal president of the most powerful country in the world, but boy does he provide a seemingly endless supply of hilarious video recorded ineptitude.  One of our oldest and most popular channels always delivers the belly laughs.

Sarkozy Superstar -

The French Head of State not surprisingly has a big smile with the power at his fingertips and a gorgeous ex model wife to boot.

Non mi piace Berlusconi –

The practically self appointed, football club owning “pure as the driven snow” president from Italy receives another transparent and impartial piece of political advice.

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