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Toby’s Choice is a new weekly WorldTV blog post featuring a selection of cherry picked channels reviewed by yours truly (above) hence the title (A prize goes to the first person who can now guess my name?).  My aim is to travel through our World of 50K+ channels (latest count) discovering the cream of the crop that won’t necessarily feature in the World Page Top 40 “picks”.  I’ll be looking for channels that display quality and originality in various guises, of all shapes and sizes and I’ll hopefully sniff out some undiscovered gems for your viewing pleasure.

So without further ado lets get the review show on the road and see what we can find lurking beneath the surface.

Week 1

1.    Jazzmode

For those of you who enjoy the world of Jazz in its various forms this music adoring channel has some real jewels that had my feet tapping, head jacking and goose bumps dancing to that thing called Jazz..  I particularly love the George Benson video. A quote from the creator. “JazZMode Tv is an integration of Vision and Audio of 20th century’s most profound art form, the Splendid art of Jazz. JMTV delivers Jazz to its viewing audience like never before; taking you on a journey though the history of the art, with interview clips on some the greatest Jazz icons from the past, the present and some phenomenal new talents that are paving the way and leading us into the future of Jazz music.” OBJ Ziniwuchi Ihekoromadu. JazZMode Media Network

2.    The Muppet Show

The Muppet Show was created by the late great Jim Henson and when i was a kid it was staple Saturday night TV and as a family, we all used to cuddle up on the sofa and watch it together. From 1976–1981 TMS ruled the roost of mainstream TV with its great scripting, music, ageless humor and unbelievably high profile guests who were quite happy to play the fool in front of a huge TV audience.  Looking back with fond memories TMS now seems even more genius and funnier than ever.  Kermit and gang were perhaps victims to special effects sweeping through the 80’s leaving little room for talking puppets but “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” and this is TV gold!

3. You Tubes “Fred”

An example of “like it or loath it” Web TV is “Fred”.  Lucas Cruikshank is Fred, a 14 year old kid (pretending to be 6 yr old with anger management issues) who has now reached 45 million+ views, unbelievable stats given the low budget nature of its content.  I’ve watched a few of the Fred mini-sodes now and while i can completely understand those that find it painfully mind numbing and deeply irritating i happen to think its very well executed, edited and produced and i freely admit i found it rather amusing.  Commercially it has proved its ability to reach the masses with the amazing power of its viral appeal. See what you think? After some delving we discovered that Fred is being sponsored by the ZipIt:

So thats Toby’s Choice in a WorldTV nutshell, we do hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to send me YOUR recommendations they are ALWAYS welcome!

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