Toby’s “Olympic” Choice – Week 4

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As we are nicely sandwiched between two Olympic weeks i have decided it would be fitting to embrace the sporting theme and dedicate this weeks Toby’s Choice to the oldest and most prestigious Sporting Event in history, The Olympic Games.

Although perhaps not the stronghold of all things good in Sport it once was due to the increased use of performance enhancing drugs, the questionable location choice with China’s Human Rights record and the daft addition of certain “Olympic” events, The Olympics is still the be all and end all in World Sport and i’m still holding torch for it.

1. Beijing Yes or No –

Should this Olympics be in China?  A lot of controversy surrounds this Olympics with Chinas debatable record on Human Rights issues, you decide!

2. Classic Olympics –

A selection of the greatest sporting moments from the modern Olympics, relive those super human achievements where boundaries are broken and world records tumble.

3. Olympic History –

A documentary based channel that looks deep into the Greek origins of The Olympic Games,


Olympic Laughs –

A different perspective on the Games for your viewing pleasure.

That’s your Olympic lot!  Remember to contact me at with your suggestions and questions.

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