You can do a lot with WorldTV. It’s a Swiss Army knife for Online Video…

With WorldTV you don’t need to worry about uploading videos to create a compelling video solution – you can use the same content you’ve already uploaded elsewhere. WorldTV ‘sits above’ video hosting websites like Vimeo and YouTube, and online file storage like Amazon S3 or CloudFront, allowing you to manage
the content you already have in the cloud, rapidly mixing in other publicly available content, and twisting it, publishing it, and distributing it in different ways. WorldTV is a flexible, cloud-based-video management platform that takes a very different and fresh approach to the challenge of publishing video online.

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Top Features

Video Library

Take charge of your web videos. Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any HTTP web server. Many other video sites supported too.

Playlist Tool

The friendliest playlist editor on the planet. Drag and drop videos, publish as a Web TV channel, TV channel, Media RSS or Embed.

Web TV Broadcast

Broadcast a full screen web TV channel with ease. No hosting costs, a large community of ready viewers.

Embeddable Players

Create embeddable players with ease. Multiple designs, fully customizable, can use individual clips or playlists.

Live Broadcast

Broadcast live to unlimited viewers on the web for free. Use live feeds from Ustream.

Hosted Video Website

Create an instant video website. Host it on your own domain name. Manage videos from a simple, friendly interface.


Full statistics and pretty pie charts for your channel, website and embed views. Connect with Google Analytics, get E-mailed reports.


A full Twitter client baked in. Auto-post features, individual clip share, status updates and more.

Other Features

White Label Video CMS

All of our features can be white labelled for client websites. Instant debranding options to deliver solutions fast.

1-Click add web video

User our handy browser add-on to instantly add videos to your library as you surf the web.

Video Advertising

In-stream video monetization for larger publishers. We support over 25 video ad networks and ad servers.

Google Adsense

Monetize your video pages and social video shares with Google Adsense.

Video Widgets

Create customizable, embeddable widgets to display video thumbnails for popular videos, playlist videos and more.

Media RSS

Use our video CMS and playlist tool to power Boxee apps, TV apps and much more.

2 Minute Start

It takes two minutes to create a free account and fill it with videos.

A la Carte Features

Get lots for free, add additional features as needed with our a la carte pricing model


Share any clip instantly to Facebook. Broadcast live to Facebook, and more.

Custom Meta Tags

Customize meta tags for our hosted video pages. Own your SEO.

Bulk Add Videos

Bulk add videos from URL lists. Import large numbers of videos.

HD Video

All our players are HD compatible. We support YouTube, Vimeo and own-server HD videos.

Suggested Videos

Rapidly discover suggested web videos based on the videos in your Library.

Top YouTube Clips

See what’s hot at any moment on the world’s largest video site. Add popular videos to your library as you find them.

Webcam Record

Instantly record clips for your library through your webcam.

Mobile Phone

Feature currently unavailable due to Qik discontinuing their service, we are working to replace this soon.

1 Million Viewers

A community of nearly 1 million unique monthly viewers around the world.

Awards & Badges

Weekly awards and badges for top channels. How your channel is fairing nationally and internationally.

Create a TV Network

Use multiple WorldTV channels to create a web TV network.

Create TV Apps

Create a Boxee app from your channel and power other TV apps using WorldTV as a Video CMS.

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