Create a Playlist easily using Flash Video Files (FLV)

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WorldTV LogoOne of the lesser-known features of WorldTV’s highly flexible video platform is that you can create a playlist of videos out of FLV files, and generate an embeddable player, just as easily as creating a player for say YouTube or Vimeo videos.

If you have content in FLV format (or any format that is supported by Flash 10 or above – eg MP4 or M4V) and can host those video files on a webserver, you can easily string together those files into a playlist within the WorldTV system, and generate an embeddable player that you can host on your own website. WorldTV makes this extremely easy to do. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 – Create the FLV/MP4 files
Take your video content and convert it to FLV or MP4 format. There are lots of programs that will let you do this. A good (paid) option is the Flix range of encoders. These are used by many professionals. For a free option, check out this easy-to-follow guide on our Founder’s blog.

Step 2 – Host the FLV/MP4 files on a webserver
WorldTV does not typically offer hosting of FLV files although we do have a hosting solution for large customers. There are many excellent hosts out there and if you are reading this you probably know the options already or have your own hosting. If you don’t, we recommend establishing a hosting account with someone like Servint (we use them) or exploring cloud based hosting using Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudFront. A low cost host we recommend is Gearhost who have packages starting at under $10 a month. Simply upload your FLV (or MP4/MV4/H264) files to your webserver, and copy the URL for each file.

Step 3 – Paste the URL’s into the WorldTV Editor
This step couldn’t be easier. Assuming you have already established a channel (account) on WorldTV, simply paste the URL’s for each FLV file into the ‘Add by URL’ box within the WorldTV Editor. An example of a URL might be Each video will immediately appear within your library, complete with a thumbnail, and you can double click it right away to preview it! We also offer a Bulk Add URL feature for adding lots of URL’s at once. This is a paid option in the WorldTV PRO store.

Step 4 – Arrange the videos into a Playlist
Simply drag and drop your videos into the desired order within the Playlist section of the Editor

Step 5 – Generate an Embeddable Player
Using the Promote tab within the Editor choose from a range of widgets and players. Grab the embed code and put it on your site.

WorldTV really is the easiest and best method yet to create a playlist out of FLV or MP4 files to embed on your website. With full H264 support, and an expanding range of player skins and options, there really is no excuse not to have video on your website!

UPDATED: May 29th 2012


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