WorldTV is designed to be insanely easy to use, so easy… “our mums could use it”.

We wanted to make the world of online video accessible to everyone, including those just starting out on the Internet, and this page is designed to assist people who need a helping hand, while also catering to those who want more technical depth.

We start with a beginner’s guide to the service. If you’re more technically inclined you can skip to the more technical section, but the beginner’s guide is a useful introduction if you have time.

A Beginner’s Guide to WorldTV

At it’s simplest, WorldTV is a place where you can collect all your favourite online videos safely in one place, and then do fun things with them. YouTube, DailyMotion etc.

Once you’ve collected videos at WorldTV, you can easily share them with friends, family… or the whole world, on your own online TV channel. You don’t need to share them with other people if you don’t want to, but it’s more fun if you do…

Possible uses for WorldTV

  • A video bookmarking service – collect all your favourite videos in one place
  • A video sharing service – notify friends via Twitter, Facebook and RSS each time you find a good video
  • A video publishing platform – our ‘universal’, customizable video player will play videos from all the major video sites and you can use WorldTV to manage the videos that play
  • A video discovery experience – browse thousands of user-created channels from all over the world. See what people like in Brazil for example.

The first step is to create a channel on WorldTV. A WorldTV channel is just like the channels you see on TV, only it appears at a web address which you choose (something like, and you get to choose the videos which appear on it. Each time your friends come to visit your channel, they see the videos you have chosen to appear, in the order you’ve arranged.

You get your own logo (like MTV) in the corner and a free listing on our global TV guide of channels. People from every country have created channels on WorldTV and these have been watched by more than 10 million people. More than 1,000 people are watching WorldTV channels at any one time.

We’ve made it extremely easy to create a channel on WorldTV and you can get started very quickly using our online wizard. Give a little thought to the name for your channel, as it determines the web address that you give out to friends. If you start giving out an address, it’s harder to change it later on (although you can do so if you need to). You can also host a channel on your own web address (domain name) for a small fee.

We can explain this with an example:-


If you choose ‘DebraTV’ as your channel name, your web address will be…

You can also give out your address as…


All of these addresses will work. It makes no difference which you use.

Example 2

If you choose ‘Debra TV’ as your channel name (with a space), your web address will be…

Due to the way the Internet works we must replace spaces with the underline (_) character.

Our personal preference is Example 1, in other words with no spaces, but it’s entirely up to you what you choose.

The rest of our channel creation process is straightforward, you get to choose a logo for your channel (this is like the MTV logo in the corner of a TV screen), and you give us your e-mail address. We use this address to send an important welcome e-mail containing details for how to access the service in future.

The welcome e-mail contains two important web addresses (links). These two links are all you need to operate your WorldTV channel, so you should save a copy of this e-mail carefully. The two web links are as follows…

One is a public link for you to give out to friends (this is like above).

The other is a private link for you to access the service, organize your videos and do other things. This will be

As a convenience, after you have gone through the step-by-step channel creation process, we take you directly to your private link – your Editor. A useful tip is to bookmark this page when you arrive in your web browser so you can easily find it again. Our step-by-step guide will remind you of this just beforehand.

When you arrive at your private link (for example, you will see a screen looking something like this…

Click for enlarged view

We call this the ‘WorldTV Editor’, and it is from here that you can control your channel and all your videos.

When you go to your public link, it will look something like this…

WorldTV Viewer

This is your channel as other people see it.

So remember there are two links – one is a public link and one is a private link for you to edit your videos.

It’s the Editor where all the action happens, and it’s organized into different ‘tabs’ or sections that do different things

By using Tabs, you do not ever need to use the Back button on your browser which you may be used to. In fact, using the Back button will take you away from your Editor, which is not what you want. Try to remember not to use the Back button.

One of the first things we suggest people do is go into the section labeled ‘Channel Settings’ and create a password. We call it a secret word but it’s the same idea. Creating a secret word is optional, but if you want to be sure that only you can change the videos on your channel (or people you give the secret word to) it’s a good idea. This is because it is not hard for someone to figure out what the private link to your channel is. In fact, the private link for your channel is the same as the public link, only with the addition of ‘/editor’ on the end.

Creating a secret word or password is very easy, you click the ‘Channel Settings’ tab (at the top of your Editor), and look for the section where you enter your password, which looks like this…

Secret Word Screenshot

Check the box which says ‘Use password to access the Editor’, and then enter the secret word

TIP – Notice the other option which is ‘Do not require password for this computer’? This is a handy feature that lets you avoid having to enter a password each time you visit the site. We store a key on your computer called a cookie so that we recognize you when you come back. If you regularly use different computers or Internet Cafe’s to access WorldTV this may not be so useful.

Now for the fun stuff…!

Let’s take another look at your Editor…

WorldTV Editor

There are 3 main sections to the page…

At the top left is the Search Video panel. This is where you search and add video to your channel. In fact, anything to do with getting video into your channel is located here. More on this in a moment.

Bottom left is the My Video Library section. This is your own personal library of video clips! When you add video to your channel your videos are stored here.

On the right side is your Playlist. Any videos that you move from your Library to your Playlist become available at your public address for people to view. This is where you build the public side of your channel.

So the basic process for running a channel on WorldTV is 3 steps…

  1. Search for videos (using the top left panel)
  2. Add them to your Library (bottom left)
  3. Copy them from your Library to your Playlist (drag and drop)

When a friend comes to visit your channel, they will see all the videos that you have in your Playlist, starting with the video at the top and working down the list. A new feature lets you randomize your playlist so that viewers see a random video each time they visit – this is particularly useful for music channels. Note that in no case can viewers see the videos that are in your personal Video Library.

Newer features include a Webcam record feature. These are described in the detailed manual below and at the links we’ve just provided.

That’s pretty much the basics of WorldTV. There’s a few other useful things to know…

  • You can double-click any video in your Editor to watch it. The video will appear in a pop-up window which you close using the [x] icon at the top-right of the panel. Most pop-up windows in WorldTV work the same way.
  • Copying clips from the Library to your Playlist is achieved by dragging the clip with your mouse. Click once on the clip in the Library, continue holding the mouse button down, and drag the clip across to the Playlist. Let go of the mouse button when it is hovering over the position you want it to appear in the Playlist.
  • You can re-arrange the order of clips within the Playlist (or Library for that matter) by dragging them around in the same manner described above.
  • You can delete clips by dragging them to the Trash/Rubbish bin icon which looks like this…. Rubbish Bin Trash Can Let go of the mouse button when the clip is hovering over the bin.
  • Dragging clips from the Library to your Playlist does not delete them from your Library, it makes a copy of them. In other words, you can freely drag clips to your Playlist or delete them from your Playlist, safe in the knowledge that a copy is always kept in your Library.
  • You can change the title of a video by double-clicking on the title and giving it a new name. This title appears at the beginning of each video on your channel. It also appears when someone moves the mouse while watching your channel.
  • You can jump to the public view of your channel (to see what it looks like), by clicking the ‘View My Channel’ button (bottom right). A couple of quick notes about this button… the first time you click it, you might see a security message regarding pop-up windows. This is a feature for your protection. If you experience this, try to follow the instructions on the alert message to allow pop-up windows for WorldTV, or get a techie friend to help you with it. You should only have to solve this issue once. You will know it is solved if when you click the button, your channel appears in a new window. To get back to your Editor in this case, you click the browser window or tab containing your Editor.

In terms of getting video into your channel, we suggest people use the search feature to begin with. When you are comfortable using search, you can read more about the ‘Add Clip by URL feature , the ‘Record Video by Webcam‘ feature and our ‘Live video by mobile phone‘ feature. These open up the range of video sources you can use for your channel.

One aspect that can be confusing…

WorldTV does not let you upload video from your computer (although this is a potential planned feature for future). The reason for this is that there are many good services out there like YouTube, and Vimeo which do an excellent job of this, and for now we would rather focus on developing good, easy-to-use video management features and other innovations. If you want to upload video from your computer or video camera, simply upload it to one of these sites and then add it to your WorldTV channel using the ‘add clip by URL‘ feature. Think of WorldTV as a place where you can centralize all your video links with the actual video ‘out there in cyberspace’ somewhere.

That’s it for our beginner’s introduction! Play around, see what you can do, or read on for our full technical manual.


Full WorldTV Features Manual

The features of WorldTV are now described in detail.

The WorldTV Editor

Search Video

WorldTV lets you search for videos without having to leave the WorldTV Editor. When searching for video we search across YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo!, AOL Video, MySpace, Metacafe and several other sites. It’s a quick and easy way to find great clips for your channel. For a wider range of supported sites, you can use the ‘Add Clip by URL’ feature described below. A bookmarklet which installs in your browser can also be used for rapidly adding clips to your channel as you surf the web.

Add Clip by URL

You can add clips by pasting in URL’s from a range of popular video sites. These include…

YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Vimeo,, MySpace, Qik,, TeacherTube and many more. The full and most up-to-date list is available by clicking the ‘List of Supported Sites’ link.

When pasting URL’s you should be aware of a limitation with Adobe Flash (which powers our site) where you cannot always use the standard ‘menu method’ to paste in a URL. If you have this problem you can a) right-click on the field to get the ‘Paste’ option, or b) use the keyboard shortcut for your particular operating system (CTRL-V on a PC / Command-V on a Mac).

Cool feature – You can paste in a URL to any FLV file hosted on any web server. This includes high definition FLV files. This lets you host videos on your own server and get extremely creative with your channel.

Record Video by Webcam

This feature lets you record video clips directly into your channel Editor using your webcam. Any videos that you record are added to your Library like any other clip. Try different combinations of settings and be aware that a Flash security notice will popup before you view your webcam. This is there for your protection.

Mobile phone video

This very cool feature lets you connect your WorldTV channel to your mobile phone via our partner Qik so that you can broadcast live video to your WorldTV channel from a mobile phone anywhere in the world! How it works is really cool and full details can be read on this blog post.


You can select multiple clips in the Playlist and Library using standard keyboard shortcuts – e.g. Shift-Click and CTRL-Click. This allows you to delete or move around many clips at once.


Techie-types may be interested to know that you can view the underlying TV RSS code that powers WorldTV, simply by selecting the CodeView checkbox on the Channel Settings->Editor tab. TV RSS is a a soon-to-be open standard created by WorldTV for describing the contents of a TV channel, and is akin to MIDI for video. An RSS 2.0 compatible feed for your channel is available at incidentally.

Logo tricks

You can upload your own MTV style logo using the Channel Settings tab. GIF, JPG and PNG image formats are supported and we recommend PNG format if you want to use any kind of transparency effect. Please wait a few seconds after clicking the Upload button if you think nothing is happening.

You can also specify a web address that the logo will link to, such as a personal blog or website. This is a handy way of driving traffic from your channel to other places.

Similarly you can specify pop-up (tooltip) text for the logo. This is text that appears when someone hovers their mouse over your logo. This can be a call to action to get people to visit another site or channel by clicking your logo.

Download Video

If you want to create a backup copy of your video content you can right-click on any video thumbnail in the Library to download the video file to your computer. You must agree to a legal notice before doing so. You may need to rename your files to ‘some_file_name.flv’ to use them. For playback of FLV files, you can use the cross-platform VLC player. Here’s an article on how to convert FLV files into other formats.

Editable Titles

You can edit the title of any clip simply by double clicking it. Clip titles will appear on your channel at the beginning of each video and whenever someone moves the mouse, unless you have disabled this feature in Channel Settings->Player. You don’t have to have clip titles appear.

Statistics Tab

The Statistics tab shows you detailed statistics about your channel such as how many viewers you’ve had, from which countries and how long they watch for. Hover your mouse over the bar graph to see the numbers for a specific day. Statistics are shown for the past 30 days. We keep statistics for longer than this and a future Pro feature will let you access these.

Promote Tab

The Promote tab lets you generate code for an embeddable player that you can then embed on websites, blogs and social networks to promote your channel or to use WorldTV as a video content management system. There are two types of code to cater for sites and software applications (eg WordPress) where one method might not work. Generally speaking the ‘standard’ embed will work but if you have problems you can use the ‘iframe’ method equally well.

We plan to expand the Promote Tab significantly in early 2009 with Twitter support, e-mail notifications to viewers for channel updates and new custom embeddable player designs.

WorldTV Editor Advertising Tab

Advertising Tab

Our latest feature (Dec ’08) is the Advertising Tab which lets you control the advertising on your channel and earn money from your channel by pasting your own Google Adsense code. Full details can be found on our blog post announcing the service. Note that the Advertising Tab does not show for the first 48 hours after creating a channel.

WorldTV Viewer

The WorldTV Player

Full screen mode

When watching a WorldTV channel you can view it full-screen by clicking the full-screen button. This is recommended if you haven’t already tried it. Sit back and enjoy over 100,000 channels from all over the world for free! Clicking the full screen button removes the ads along the side.

Keyboard Control while watching videos

When you are watching videos, you can pause and resume playback using the SPACE bar.

You can also use the left and right CURSOR keys to move to the next or previous clip.

Due to a limitation with Adobe Flash, keyboard control does not work during full screen mode, although a recent announcement from Adobe suggest we will be able to do so soon, when lots of people have upgraded to Flash 10.

The WorldTV World Page

Our very first directory of channels within the WorldTV system categorizes each channel into where it comes from, specifically the country where the channel was created. You can click on a flash map to see the channels from a particular country, and use the ‘breadcrumb’ navigation to see channels from a particular continent, or indeed, the entire World. The top 40 channels from each country are shown at the top of each page.

Not every channel created within WorldTV appears on this page. Channels created in WorldTV are ‘private’ by default, meaning they will not show up on this page unless the user chooses them to do so on their Channel Settings page.

Channels are organized by popularity, which is based on an algorithm we use to determine this. So that people are not tempted to ‘game’ the system, we do not make the details of this algorithm public. Suffice to say that we use a fair system with no editorial override.

Channels that have a ‘pick’ icon next to them are those channels which WorldTV staff have found to be particularly good, in other words these are editorial choices. If you have created a good channel that you think should be a ‘pick’, drop us a line at

Roadmap of future features

Here are some of the features we’re working on with estimated launch dates. We expect a flurry of new features and releases over Christmas and into the early half of 2009.

  • Channel Statistics (like Google Analytics) – January 2008
  • Live video from your mobile phone – April 2008
  • Embeddable small flash viewer for blogs, MySpace etc – August 2008
  • Monetize your WorldTV channel / WorldTV Ad Platform – December 2008
  • Debranded player / remove 100 clip limit – December 2008
  • Interactive EPG for channel viewers, navigate a channel’s playlist  – Dec 2008
  • Player frames and alternative embeddable design options, Twitter support for channel updates – Jan/Feb 2009
  • Semi-auto link repair for videos – Jan/Feb 2009
  • E-mail notifications to your viewers for channel updates – under review
  • Trim the end of a video clip – future
  • Greater customization of channel appearance, better embed options – ongoing
  • Social features, subscribe to channels in tabs – ongoing
  • Improved Watch page, search channel feature and more – Early 2009
  • Organization for your personal library with folders – coming
  • Live video broadcasting from the desktop – coming
  • More video sources, better reliability of existing ones – ongoing
  • TV-style scheduling – 2010
  • Facebook features – 2010
  • YouTube features – 2010
  • Monetization options – available now on request, self-serve in future
  • Scheduling Feature – future
  • HTML 5 Player – future
  • PLUS many more updates and improvements

Why not join us now (if you’ve not done so already) and come along for the ride? We got some cool stuff planned, and not all of it is written above. Read our Manifesto, subscribe to our blog, track our Twitter updates, follow our Founder’s blog, see the features that other people are asking for!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It took us a while to write it.

Last updated: April 12th 2015