How do I use my own domain name from GoDaddy?

If you’re using GoDaddy as your domain name registrar, follow these steps once you’ve purchased the ‘Host WorldTV on your own Domain Name’ feature. If you are not using GoDaddy as your registrar, use these instructions instead.

You will need to know the sub-domain we have created for your channel. You can find this on the Domain Mapping tab in the Editor (under Channel Settings). For example is the sub-domain we created for We then used these same instructions to point to

  1. After you have logged in to GoDaddy from the GoDaddy home page, hover over the ‘Domains’ tab and then click on Domain Management. This will take you to the Domain Management screen for all the domains that you own.
  2. Click on the domain name (‘’ in the example below) that you want to map to your WorldTV channel. This will open Domain Manager for that domain.
  3. Scroll down if needed and click the link that says ‘Launch’ which is under the ‘DNS Manager’ section.This will open the Zone File Manager for your domain.
  4. Scroll down if needed. Under CNAME (Alias), you will want to modify the ‘www’ entry under the Host column. It will typically be the last entry in the CNAME section – yours may have an ‘@’ symbol as the ‘Point To’ entry. This is the part you want to change.  To change it, click on the pencil icon at the end of the box.
  5. Replace the ‘@’ symbol or whatever is entered in this box with the WorldTV sub-domain address for your channel. You will find this information on the Domain Mapping tab in your WorldTV Editor. If you do not see a Domain Mapping tab (it’s located under Channel Settings), it means you have not yet purchased the ‘Host WorldTV on your own Domain’ feature. Please note that you should NOT enter http:// before your sub-domain address. In our example we entered ‘’ into the box.

    N.B. You can change the TTL setting to 1/2 hour if you wish. This just means that future changes to this entry will show up more quickly around the Internet. It does not affect how long this change will make to propogate around the web (most likely 1 hour).
  6. Click on ‘Save Zone File’.
  7. In order to make sure that people who visit (without the ‘www’) get to your channel, you should go back to Domain Manager for your domain, and under the section ‘Domain Information’ click on the ‘Manage’ link which is next to ‘Forwarding’.
  8. In the Forwarding & Masking window, you should tell GoDaddy to forward to You can leave the other settings (we’ve expanded the Advanced Settings section in the screenshot below) as they are. Click ‘ok’.
  9. Now that you have configured your domain in GoDaddy, you need to enter your domain name (with the ‘www’ but without http://) into the Domain Mapping tab in your Editor. Choose whether you want visitors to see your channel in TV mode or Web Mode.
  10. It may take up to 1 hour for visitors (including yourself) to see the effect of your DNS changes. This is due to the way that changes to DNS settings take time to ‘propogate’ around the Internet. You can ask a friend in a different location to check if it is working for them, as they should see the changes right away if they have not visited your domain name in the past hour. If they are visiting your domain name and seeing your channel, you’ve successfully configured your settings. Soon you should see your channel too, and should be able to access your Editor by visiting
  11. Pat yourself on the back… That’s it!