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Posted by on Dec 10, 2007 in Misc | 15 comments

So the dust has settled, the team has just about got over our hangovers from the launch party, and we’re keen to know what people think of the new features.

We’d especially like to know what people think of the new World page, and the multi-language versions of the application. We’ve got some immediate improvements planned, an ‘Editor’s Pick’ icon for the World page to help highlight interesting channels, and a means for people to know how many people have visited their channel.

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  1. liking it. the world page is interesting to see what people are into around the globe. some kind of viewer feedback or rating would be good.

  2. I like it, its cool to be able to surf other channels.
    I need to delete a channel I made that I no longer use.
    I can’t find the old url lol

    Its called Chaz’s Blog Channels, can you delete it for me?

    Keep up the good work, now I can put other peoples channels on my blog!!

    Peace, Chaz

  3. such a great idea — i love the world page!

  4. Hi Guys
    Been using worldtv.com for quite a while now and realized that there is one feature I’d really love to have.

    My library is getting really full and is completely disorganized. It would be cool to have the ability to create folders and sub folders within the library. Anyy plans to do something like this ?

    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi Davy, good news, yes we do plan to introduce folders for organizing the library. Thanks for the comments!

  6. Hello i want to know how can add files from my hard drive, or from dvd record

  7. Hi Abraham, WorldTV does not support direct uploads, but there are 3 ways you can get your video into the system.

    1. Upload the video to one of the many excellent video hosting sites out there. We currently recommend YouTube and Blip.tv (good for high quality video). You can then bring your content into your WorldTV channel using ‘Add clip by URL’.

    2. Record video into the system using your webcam. This is probably not suitable however if the video is an existing file.

    3. Convert the file to FLV format using a tool such as Flix Standard and upload the file to any hosting facility. This way you have much more control over the quality and can bring the file into WorldTV using the same ‘add clip by URL’ means. A free method for encoding FLV video is described on this page.

    More details on this are in the WorldTV manual.

  8. is it ok to use videos from U2, Queen,the Beatles, Bob Marley to promote a concert that is not having them involved with such concert? are there any laws that prevent them from doing this?

  9. Hi
    Im trying to figure ıut the system. I wasnt able to upload logo although it was saved in PNG format as recommended.

  10. James, from the sounds of it, the answer to this is almost certainly a negative.

    Dogan, the logo upload feature can be a little finicky and we have had some teething problems on Linux and Mac. It should be working though – many people have succeeded with PNG logos. See Hot Tuna TV.

  11. Hey,

    I’m new to WorldTV, but now have a channel. I made a channel with many Youtube hosted videos, but one problem I am seeing is that when they are in a shuffled play list, most of the time the titles come up wrong for each video. Did you already know this is happening, and will it be fixed in the future? Maybe I’m the only one experiencing it. Please let me know. My channel, “Christian Hard Rock Fan” is the one that is doing this. Thanks, Love the site except for that. :)

  12. Paul, thanks for your comment. We are seeing the same problem you describe. We’re on it.

  13. GREAT! You guys are awesome!

    Thanks for the reply,

  14. Paul, to bring you up to speed, we are currently dealing with the titles problem you mentioned and it should be fixed by the end of the day.

  15. I am just beginning to learn how to use Worldtv but cannot figure out how to upload video from my PC. If I use uTube, Yahoo, or some of the other video hosting sites, teachers who need to access my channel may not be able to view my videos since many K-12 school servers block them. Can you tell me how I can make tutorial or professional development videos from my PC that will upload to worldtv?

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