A Smokin’ LIVE event this Saturday

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This Saturday May 2nd is the Global Marijuana March organized by volunteers in 250 cities around the world. WorldTV will be reporting on the event from Toronto (traditionally the largest such event) and is inviting anyone to contribute video from their city or country. The event highlights issues relating to medical marijuana.

If you have the ability to send video by e-mail or transmit video via Qik, you can participate. We would like to add your video to the live broadcast.

If you would like to watch the event on Saturday, follow us on Twitter or visit worldtv.com/live on Saturday afternoon.

This is part of a continuing series of experimental live broadcasts and marks the debut of WorldTV’s new Projects page. We’ve always said we will offer ‘imaginative projects that people can get involved in’. Imagination should be in abundance this Saturday…

Learn how you can contribute video and Tweets to this Saturday’s live broadcast


  1. meu nome é maria de fatima vi a tv em um site e adorei gostaria que tivesse no meu tagged pois é site que mas frequento nada mas agradece{ maria de fatima}

  2. Very nice.

  3. What happened to the event? Where can we see it?


    - Check out TFF on WorldTV for the best bits of the day, thanks staff.

  4. The difference amongst recreational consumption and medical employment of marijuana begs to be acknowledged. Even though I think that a responsible adult ought to have the right to use marijuana recreationally, I do believe, without doubt, allowing an ill person use of a plant with a long history of medical value should be accepted and legal. Marijuana has a great potential as a medicine and more awareness and tolerance is called for. In Summary, legalize it!

  5. Inspiration has finally come. It happened due to this blog.

  6. This years GMM in Toronto will be LIVE STREAMED for your viewing pleasure on http://www.civilianmedia.org … Come watch and chat starting at noon on Saturday May 5th, 2012 :)


  1. The Marijuana Observer | Global Marijuana March 2009 - [...] You can watch it online via worldtv.com. [...]

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