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Big news in WorldTV land. Starting today, you can now broadcast LIVE to your WorldTV channel from your mobile phone.

We’ve partnered with the hottest name in mobile phone broadcasting, Qik, to allow for a whole range of new functionality that is really very cool.

Basically how it works is that you can now use your mobile phone as a live video camera for WorldTV, which can ‘take over’ your WorldTV channel whenever you feel like it. If someone is watching your channel when you start recording video using your phone, the ‘regularly scheduled programming’ (your playlist) is paused, and the live signal from your phone begins. As soon as you stop using your phone, the regular programming resumes from the point you left off. Simple!

All the live recordings that you make with your phone are automatically archived as clips in your Library. This means you can capture video of events that you’re at, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a copy of them stored in your WorldTV Library. You can then download them to your hard drive by right-clicking on the file in your Library. You can do this for any file in your Library actually.

A range of useful options let you customize the functionality as you wish. For example, you can choose not to have your phone recordings go live on your WorldTV channel as you’re making them, but be archived straight to your Library instead.

You can choose sound effects and text that play when a live broadcast begins. For an updated list of supported phones please click here.

There’s a number of ways you can use this new functionality.

  • As a simple means to record things while you’re out and about, knowing they will be safely archived in your WorldTV library without you having to do anything else. No messy cables or confusing software to deal with.
  • Live broadcasts from concerts or events for your friends. Simply tell your friends to go to your WorldTV channel and when you start broadcasting live, the channel will automatically switch to the live stream. If you use Twitter, Qik can notify your Twitter followers whenever you are broadcasting live.
  • Become a Lifecaster. Basically you can now broadcast any interesting (or not so interesting!) happenings in your life to friends, family and indeed the World. Walking down the street, going for a drive, on the beach, at a party.
  • Add live content to your WorldTV channel from other Qik broadcasters. If you find someone who regularly broadcasts on the site, you can add them as a ‘source’ without having to own a supported phone yourself. Simply add their Qik username as a source.

Qik will guide you through the process of setting up your phone for live streaming. The instructions are not terribly complicated, but you should set aside 30 mins or so to get it right. This is cutting edge stuff.

The basic process is this…

  1. You sign up for an account on (Use this link and you’ll be approved for a Qik account right away)
  2. They send you an SMS with a link to install the Qik live broadcasting software on your phone
  3. Play around with the software and phone, make sure your videos are appearing in your Qik account (on If you get a ‘certificate error’ issue upon installation, see this solution.
  4. Create a custom Qik username for your Qik profile. In other words… change your Qik username to something more memorable. This part is important. Use the ‘Edit my profile’ link when logged into Qik and select ‘Change your username’.
  5. Add your new Qik username to your existing WorldTV channel in the Editor (on the ‘Phone’ tab)
  6. Configure any options you want using our handy wizard, or simply use the defaults
  7. Start broadcasting live from your mobile phone to WorldTV

Like everything on WorldTV at the moment, this service is in ‘beta’, meaning there may still be quirks while we iron out the wrinkles. We really value your feedback, so please make use of the new feedback tab on the left of these pages to tell us what you think, or how it could be improved. If you have any difficulties getting it set up, feel free to comment directly on this post below and we can then respond publicly so everyone can benefit from the advice.

Qik are a cool company that launched the same time as WorldTV. We’ll be working with them to bring you many more cool features in future.

N.B. If you’re an existing Qik user coming to WorldTV for the first time, you can import all your existing Qik videos into WorldTV simply by pasting in your Qik URL (eg into the ‘Add Clip by URL’ tab on WorldTV. You’ll need to create a channel on WorldTV first which takes no time at all. Simply use our very easy-to-use channel creation wizard.


  1. this sounds good .
    but I cant start it from my phone.
    I am using n95 nokia.
    I have downloaded it on my phone but it cant connect to your says network timeout.
    please help

  2. Puneet, the N95 does not connect to WorldTV directly. Instead it connects to, and from there it is streamed to WorldTV. You would need to provide us more information to be able to help you, or possibly better and quicker would be to contact Qik support.

  3. quiero saber si la senal es en vivo
    I want to know if the signal is live

    La senal es en vivo pero aveces hay restrasos de “streaming” ej 10-20 secondos
    The Qik signal is live but sometimes there are Streaming delays e.g. 10-20 seconds


  4. Gosto da tecnologia utilizada pela Worldtv. Consigo mostrar meus videos com perfeição. Para transmitir meu canal ao vivo, uso o n95 da Nokia. É maravilhoso poder contar com uma empresa evoluída.

  5. this sounds good.

  6. gosto dessa opção de ser livre , expressar o própria vontade, e aqui nós temos essa opção e ainda pode mostrar para os amigos, e também pode mostrar algo de bom para o outros usuário e pro mundo. com a opção de poder enviar pelo o celular fica ainda melhor porque tem como envuar furos do dia a dia.



    WorldTV Team

  7. MERCI




    Unfortunately, WorldTV cannot be watched on mobile phones yet. You can, however do live-streaming from your mobile phone using our integration with


  9. Thank you for the initiative incredible !

  10. Congratulations !

  11. Fizemos da World TV nosso canal de TV para o Mundo Náutico. E transmitir ao vivo todas as emoções dos eventos utilizando-se recursos tão simples é fantástico. Parabens pela iniciativa !!!

    Saudações Náuticas a Todos…


    We have made our World TV channel TV for the Nautical World. And broadcast live all the emotions of the events using simple features, it is fantastic. Parabens pela iniciativa!

    Nautical Greetings to All …



    This is indeed fascinating, a few days ago I have these fabulous ideas for implimentation.

    My appreciation and admiration.

  13. Так зачитался, что пропустил бы любимую передачу ;)


    So engrossed that I missed my favorite TV program

  14. Hi,
    It is working fine, i can see my live video in Qik channel and it is saved automaticaly in my worldtv videos but when broadcasting live i see nothing in worldtv apart from the sound of “live broadcasting” ?!? any help

  15. We will have someone look into this

  16. Es lo que estaba buscando, simplemente genial. Se los recomiendo. voy a transmitir desde mi nokia 5530 que funciono fenomenal, felicidades sres.


    This is what I was looking for, just great. I recommend it. I used it on my nokia 5530 which worked great, congratulations Messrs.

  17. o meu Nokia é o c3-00 mais não funciona gostaria de saber por que ? ele tem câmera mais eu não estou conseguindo.

  18. quiero saber si solo se puede grabar en directo con movil.
    O ay otros medios, gracias

  19. how to solve certificate expired/error nokia 6120c


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