Live Video coverage from Burning Man

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burning-man-liveHere at WorldTV we like to celebrate alternative forms of expression and collaboration and we welcome anyone to express themselves in a radically creative forum, wherever they come from in the World.

From time to time we like to bring you coverage of projects or events that share similar philosophies as our own, or which otherwise you might not be aware of. All this week we have been using our ad-hoc live channel on WorldTV to bring live streaming coverage of Burning Man – the legendary event in the Nevada desert that celebrates radical self-expression and creativity.

If you don’t know what Burning Man is, it’s hard to describe. Think of a cross between a ‘makers’, art and music festival where commercialism is banned, Star Wars and Mad Max, and you will get close.

The live video coverage comes from a 360 degree camera mounted high above the event with audio coming from the on-site 24 hour radio station BMIR. Watching the sun rise California time over the desert, and all the attendees ferrying around on bicycles is a true sight to behold.

Watch live video coverage of Burning Man

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