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As the world continues to slide into financial meltdown WorldTV is constantly working on providing our beloved Users with more FREE entertainment and today’s offering comes in the form of some musical medicine of yesteryear (in no particular order) to help ease the pain of those nasty red numbers…

Sinatra –

Ol’ Blue Eyes was the leading crooner for many a moon which he flew us to on numerous occasions with his grainy silk wrapped voice and inimitable stage presence.  Sinatra also forged a career as an actor of some repute, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in From Here to Eternity and was also allegedly connected with some dubious Italian families..

Grace Jones –

As we all know by now Grace Jones is no Shrinking Violet.  For 3 decades she has sustained her iconic status with her incredibly extrovert style, attitude and groundbreaking music and has just recently released her first artist album in 20 years “Hurricane“.  I’m a big fan and love her natural avoidance of the conventional and can even forgive her for the questionable acting performances in various 1980′s adverts and films (Conan the Barabrian being the best/worst). Check out some of the interviews in this channel for some vintage Grace Jones.

Bowie –

In the late 60′s & 70′s David Bowie’s musical output was consistently brilliant and his ability to continuously reinvent his stage persona as e.g. Ziggy Stardust and Thin White Duke (quite amazing really considering his drug fueled existence at that time).  Early albums included Space Oddity (1969), The Man Who Sold the World (1970), Hunky Dory (1971), The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), Young Americans (1975), Low (1977), “Heroes” (1977) to name but a few!!  Is he the greatest living Englishman of our time?

John Lennon –

The Beatles were (and still are) a global phenomenon and the writing partnership of John Lennon & Paul McCartney is considered to be one of the all time greats.  After The Beatles disbanded in 1970 Lennon went on to record his own material including arguably his most popular solo hit “Imagine”.  He also became a political voice and peace activist for a generation exposed to a gloomy war ridden world (sound familiar?).  Murdered in 1980 Lennon was voted eighth place in a 2002 BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.  Most people will always remember where they were when they heard of his murder…he is a legend indeed who will always be missed.

Also check out SmoothGrooversTV these guys really are awesome and their channel has been a favourite here at WorldTV for some time. Additionally, check out their homepage which offers all kinds of other jazz, soul and funk goodies.

In the not too distant future WorldTV plans to implement a new way to view channels by creating “Channel Categories” e.g. Music, Sport, Education etc.  You will also be able to add a personalised description to your own channel and to add the caegory tag of your choice.

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  1. Hi WTV – So wonderful for you to mention us. Many Thanks – its so nice of you.
    World TV certainly has some amazing functions and we’re very impressed with the ability to share music from around the world for the world!
    Our channel started as a hobby/passion for the music and it is great that we get the chance to record our licensed tracks and interview some amazing people – to bring the talents of musicians both old and new.
    The wonderful thing about music, regardless of genre is the fact that it makes you feel alive and connected.
    With WTV we have another form of communication – The visual connection.
    Wishing you all continued success.


  3. Great info, we DO expect (though) that the ad-supported model WILL work. //keeping our noses down and pushing ahead…
    The Songnumbers Team
    PS, we just pushed out BETA 2 of our site!


  1. Smooth Groovers Licensed Show » Smooth Groovers Podcast - Season 4 - Episode 5 - A Valentines special - [...] and the fantastic team at They kindly mentioned the Smooth Groovers on their latest blog . We love …

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